Galactic Charts

Heliocentric charts are drawn from the Sun’s perspective – We have shifted from the Earth’s perspective, where the Geocentric chart looks out from the earth thru a telescope. In the helio chart we’re looking out from the Sun with our telescope,

Chart Construction + Interpretation

Galactic Astrology teaches us to ‘view’ thru 6th Density ‘eyes’. Our online interactive audio series of classes aim to give you the tools to draw these galactic charts and interpret them. Module One Four 75 minute sessions 1: Helio Chart construction

A Trekkers Guide to the Galaxy and Beyond

Cosmo-Genetic Family Tree. (PDF) Our Astral Projection classes develop an awareness of and exploration through a series of Stargates and portals using golden ratio longitudinal D.N.A. plasma helixes linking a hierarchal scale from interstellar to extra-Galactic Structures. Our astrophysical mapping covered a

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Galactic Administration

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Famous Starseed Examples

Famous Starseed Examples

There are perhaps 300 million Starseed now incarnate.   Starseed Charts include: David Bohm – Frank Zappa – Uri Geller – Heath Ledger – Alison Moyer – Linda Carter – Nick Drake – Barry Gibb – Neil Young – Darryl

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Chart Feedback

The charts you do are incredible. i am still floored by the reading.


I am BLOWN AWAY grayham ! this reading is incredible ! and your voice is such a blessing to listen to thank you so much


Wanted to let you know.. The reading you did for me was the equivalent of someone turning on the lights in a room where i was left to feel my way around in the dark. My feelings may have been accurate but the reading was exactly the confirmation i needed to be sure of that! It has been essentially empowering to all that i am currently awakening to with regard to this incarnation. Seriously cannot thank you enough! ❤

Starchitecture : Alphabet of the Ark

Starchitecture : Alphabet of the Ark

The Diamond Ray Codes: We model the Plasma Lightbody as the Rhombic Triacontahedron, where the volume contains golden ratio tetrahedra, every tetra is infinitely self recursive.

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Diamond Ray Codes


Alphabet of the Ark