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         *Had my chart done by Grayham. So many things stand out for me.
I love the way I’m unpacking this chart years later. The gift that keeps on giving*... 'Cara-Dee Carlstein'

Radio Interview: Solar Stargate

Radio Interview: Galactic Astrology

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I am often asked what exactly is Galactic Astrology :
Galactic Astrology is the next level AMENTI HALL of Records beyond that mentioned here by Charles Jarvis.
Charles begins
The Halls of Amenti is a school, star gate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane. In The Halls of Amenti you will find a great assortment of Ascended Masters and Energy Beings teaching and tutoring rising Ascending Masters who have qualified for training in The Halls of Amenti. Amenti is also the supreme energy vortex of this planet and greatly sustains, upholds, and repairs the planet in every way. Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the nine dimensions. An unascended human could not enter The Halls of Amenti without being destroyed by the much higher vibrational frequency of Amenti. Thus, only the highest Ascending Humans can enter The Halls of Amenti and this serves as a perfect self-regulating device (which is no accident) and perfect self-regulating devices such as this exist throughout all worlds, times, planes, and dimensions of God’s Omniverse.


Galactic *CENTRE* orientated charts are drawn from the Sun's perspective , but interpreted from the perspective of the Milky Way Centre -
While the Geocentric chart looks out from the earth thru a telescope.

In the helio chart we're looking out from the Sun with our telescope, plotting the planets in their real positions, we can then look further out at the stars that are in the background and note their true positions.

More importantly we are looking specifically at how our Solar System and the planets react to incoming frequencies from the centre of the galaxy at a given moment.

It’s important to realize the realm of the OverSoul is beyond the ET family storyline from Lyra+Vega - Galactic Astrology is accessing the memories stored in our Oversoul, which/who has ‘guided’ the progress of her/his Star Family unfoldment throughout a local sector of the Milky Way -
In this respect we’re looking beyond a simple ‘Akashic Reading’ of past lives in various planetary systems to the *INTENT* of the Oversoul and purpose underlying the numerous Soul Extensions spread throughout time/space and dimensions - all of the above resolves back into the Galactic Centre where the originating OverSoul sprang from .

An extract from the group consciousness “Germane” via Lyssa Royal
The Soul Coding
What reincarnates?
"The I who was me then and who will be me in the future is perhaps both my soul and my physical genetic representation... but that original soul unaffected by the genetic coding has its own coding. Where does that come from, and why should it be affected by the Terra coding in our next reincarnation?
Good question.
First, a little bit of metaphysics here. Let's say that the oversoul is the palm of the hand. The fingers are the lifetimes or incarnations.  Now, the oversoul knows the entire story and dictates what you're going to do.  That's your source.  That's the source that made you Lyran, Sirian, and Terran - the progression.

 Genetics has been considered a physical thing.  It's in your genes.  Your genetic coding is in your DNA.  Now, there is etheric DNA (for lack of another term) that exists within the matrices of your soul or your oversoul's energy. This represents your past, your future, your present all wrapped up into one idea. It's encoded by light frequencies.
This is what dictates or what attracts you to a certain type of body. When you want to come into a lifetime, there will be various connections with the different bodies on Earth. If you want to incarnate as a black person, maybe there have been lifetimes as other black people and you want to resolve them.
That's one idea. That's on the Earth level. 

There are other levels that represent your identity with your Source on an etheric genetic level. That will dictate your experiences and your genetic evolution, not against your will but as a reflection of your will, and not only your genetic evolution on Earth, but your metagenetic evolution, the genetic evolution of you as a light being.

Originally was this etheric DNA created by someone, some energy form?

No, not outside of you. We've described the whole idea of the dimensional infusion, which was your emergence into this reality that you all share. You came from a point of integration into a reality of separation. When you fragmented it was like the shattering of a mirror. You brought with you the original stuff that you were part of, and that is part of your identity. Your experiences here alter your identity; they change it, expand it.

So it's not that someone else created you but that who you are inherently created the codes that we speak of. It's a reflection of you rather than a blueprint about you."

Recent research shows the Sun and the planets are laid out according to the Golden Ratio. The velocities, the orbital periods between the planets, the synodic periods and the distances out from the Sun,  are all  based on Golden 'Phi' Ratio.

Importantly Astro-Genetic Galactic Astrology uses the phi geometry that underlies our *ETHERIC*  DNA helix and molecule, now we can begin to decode the Oversoul Akashic Records using an actual scientific approach,  memories are transferred through time/space as waves, becoming the plasma/etheric garment encompassing DNA.

The cross- section of our DNA helix is a decagon (AMENTI / I-AM-TEN, ie; DNA helix = Hall of Records).
We use the decagon (cross section of the helix) to plot solar planetary positions in relationship to the galactic centre -
imagine if you will that we zoom ahead of our Sun, turn look back at the whole solar system moving towards us -
then zoom to the side and watch the solar system going past us -
clearly the helically spiralling path of the orbiting planets are carving out strands of the Solar DNA helix.

John Harris "the planetary framework mean values for":

1: the periods of revolution

2: the intermediate synodic cycles

3: the mean heliocentric distances and

4: the mean orbital velocities

 are based upon the Phi Ratio-Series

Lynnclaire Dennis and friends brought together 2 decades of research in this youtube, as she points out "our heart creates geometries".
We can see this happening in real time in the video, initially as the heart beats we see square and hexagonal patterns (3D cubes/cuboctahedron), then each time the heart beat slows (in our view, the person is sinking into the Theta no-mind state) we see the heart creating a decagon wave patterns. As we meditate our heart begins to slow and we begin to interact with the environment, our heart generates golden ratio plasma waves transfiguring our aura into Merkaba/Lightbody.


Galactic Astrology Charts are drawn from an interstellar perspective, ie; a snapshot of the solar system helix coming towards us, at the birthing moment. Then we drop to 2D paper and see which planets are related to each other in the decagon (36 degrees, 72, 108, 144) angles (really angels), we start off with one node at the Galactic Centre node which is between 23 to 0 degrees of Capricorn.

Astro-Genetics based on golden ratio is really 'phase conjugating psychology' - this means an interstellar travellers arriving into our solar system select a Stargate Portal 'moment',  when certain planets are at the Solar Stargate key/node positions. Instantaneous transmigration from elsewhere into our solar system is a very precise science - Quantum Mechanics and superluminal phase conjugation guarantees highest fidelity success through the wormhole, those arriving then pop out the Sun/whitehole.
We have applied an overlay of multidimensional psychology to fractal phi physics.
In this sense these charts are themselves from the future.

Until about 1980 most channelling came from earth 3Density inner planes (the mid-astral realms, Robert Monroe's Focus Levels 25 to 27).
Star Families were arriving and stationed themselves around the earth and some of the other planets - that opened up communication from Focus level 27 to 35 (Monroe) - earth grid had just been rebooted and the galaxy came online -
RA group clarify earth's 3rd Density has inner planes, that is where the Star Family's make contact - they speak to/thru a number of their own incarnate genetic family - from Focus 35 to starseed at Focus 27 . They provide information about the transition from 3D to initial sub plane of 4D which is GREEN/red - HEART/action , we see it everywhere, demonstrations, activists, Edward Snowden, Space Wardens, Luke Skywalker etc etc .

Higher density information is inherently hugely compressed/packed - if we were to understand it on first read or first listen its clearly not beyond our current understanding, and likely is coming from the same dimension as we are already. Higher Dimensional information is inherently a unity of spirituality and science , must be as those that speak from higher D are well and truly integrated in this regard - unpacking this info and applying may take many years.


Summary: Those entering our solar system do so through astrophysically identifiable *Stargates* - arriving at precise points in time and space  - when certain planets arrange themselves to form DNA geometry.
We have found (after 1000 astro charts) Starseed and Starkids select specific times to incarnate, embodying the archetypes/qualities of planets positioned at the Solar Stargate/DNA Nodes - these archetypes then via resonant fractal embedding download into the energetic etheric/akashic/plasma DNA.

We have simply applied golden ratio DNA helix geometry found in the solar system to build a new astrology.

every phrase here totals to the same 222
the centre of the galaxy
central galactic points
celestial civil service
overseeing the galaxy
galactic administration
real galactic federation
at the co-ordination hub
group psychology

alphanumeric (a=1 - z=26) cross referencing

Volunteering incarnating Starseed arrive with a predetermined assignment - a set of skills and gifts to share - these are easily extracted from the galactic chart.

every phrase comes to total of 188
Galactic Astrology
Galactic Core Stargate
higher evolution
future memories
through stargate
interspace travel

every phrase comes to total of 253
galactic centre astrology
initiated in the solar core
star-seed activation chamber
tuned to the galactic centre
represent galactic council
the incarnated ascended master
integrated ascended masters
the unified galactic society
awaken starseed wanderers
grounding cosmic energies
applying golden phi ratio
enlightened co-creatorship

Stargate Portal

Galactic Solar Stargate Portal

Applying golden ratio to interstellar locations, Pulsars, Gamma rays plots the stargate node circuitry.

Golden Ratio Solar System DNA Helix

Star System : a strand of Galactic DNA Helix

Group Consciousness

One very common element thats appeared over the decades via channelled sources is - when the channel asks for the name of the source , the reply is they don't have a name - the channel more or less makes one up - advanced Races don't use or need personal names.

All starseed lived within a group consciousness or advanced social environment and will find in the coming galactic era, an era when starseed can review the historic records of their departure - they had no name, this is why advanced Races use colour coding for skills/expertise and clothing.
Starseed to be starseed means they’ve come from and operated within a group consciousness, meaning that their shared identity with their species or group is more important to them than a sense of personal identity or personality that they may have. A group consciousness is a collective awareness, identity, intelligence and communication system. Individuals within the group consciousness are aware of what the group experience is. They are a part of the group because they want to be and not because they are in any way forced to be a part of it. The attraction of a group consciousness is so great that beings let go of the need to operate from the level of personal preferences in favour of the group consciousness.
Source / God is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning back to this state of being.

Starseed often attempt to connect to their Star Family and their akashic records as an individuality/personality. However we cannot have a human style of relationship with a group consciousness and it may feel as if it is lacking of personality. As such to a human a group consciousness may feel a little detached and impersonal. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want to have human relationships with Star Family then we can begin to appreciate and communicate more directly with these group consciousness’s and have a deeper understanding of what akashic records entails.

Here is one example of a Group Consciousness template or blueprint.