Nature Recordist

Astronomers pin-pointed the location of our Milky Way centre in 1955 (the year I was born), this coincided with the release of the Urania Book, which laid out a multidimensional cosmology (inhabited by numerous groups of Angels and Beings), providing the tools necessary to unite the evidence based left brain with right brain psychic function, this unification and then application being 'Sustainable Ascension'. Remote experiencers (out-of-body travel) now have an extended playground to explore (see Monroe Institute's Starlines Program).

Our initial 20yr long remote viewing explorations (from 1985 to 2007) used celestial maps and precisely timed magical practices, to 'tune in' to various cosmic locations.
During 1986 we made our initial contact with those located at the Milky Way's centre, a contact which developed into a training program, which continues to this day.
Wingmakers called this 'entering the galactic centre tributary zone', thereby gaining access to what they termed 'encoded sensory data streams'.
Numerous new ascension protocols were shared, one being the development of a new astrological technique, a unique Heliocentric Galactic Centre orientated astrology.

As astronomers made new discoveries, including asteroids, new dwarf planets, Pulsars and numerous cosmic centers (mentioned in Urantia, although using different names), we included them in our Astro charts.
We synthesised the latest discoveries from cosmology, field physics, quantum mechanics, solar portal mechanics, plasma cosmology, 12Strand DNA and more, we plotted numerous interstellar and extraGalactic stargates, unpacked Starseed Akashic records (providing evidence), developed a recognisable Cosmo-Genetic-Family-Tree and more.
Decades of *Remote Viewing' combined with plotting and exploring stargates, offered real-time spiritual experiences and communication with Star family, cosmic enters (Angelic realms), and the true C.I.A. (Celestial Central Intelligence Agency), all recorded and documented in our now 650 page Gematria diary.

This new form of 'Star' astrology is incredibly accurate at reading the Akashic Records, surgically detailing past life activities and present life assignments here on earth.
Feedback from hundreds of individuals indicates they became far more conscious of their role as galactic representatives (thereby activating the Diamond Lightbody), becoming conscious ground crew galactic ambassadors, one’s life becomes intuitively more tuned to the larger universe in a real-time way, our role as galactic reps goes online.

Now 40 years and thousands of charts later we can pinpoint with great accuracy star Family Genetic Lineages, dozens of specific skills that have already been mastered (access to Higher Self Akashic Records) and unique Assignments / Projects that one has volunteered to carry out here on earth in preparation for humanity's entry into the galactic community. These can include earth regeneration, arts, healing, sciences, technologies, off planet research, psychic skills, extending understanding of DNA and many more.
For example, many Starseed represent the Pleiades genetic family but each has a unique skillset and assignment projects.
The astro charts aid with the timely manifestation of projects for many this expansion of consciousness ignites their Lightbody.

Heliocentric means Solar/Star, Starseed means Sun-Beings (being capable of entering our solar system through our Sun's Stargate Portal - aka-through our Sun).
Difference between regular Geo+Vedic astrology and Helio, an example;
Mercury opposite Venus is an impossibility says Geo/Vedic Astrologers, NEVER will we find in any chart drawn for any individual or event an opposition between Mercury and Venus, no person has their natal Mercury opposite Venus, yet easily proven, Mercury and Venus will, at certain times, be in opposition.

Astrology extends far beyond the Galaxy