Nature Recordist

Some of you may remember the 1980s, an era when the ‘First Wave’ of Starseed ‘awakened’.

All of a sudden, the cutting edge collective expanded to include a galactic level of multidimensional awareness.

I was old enough to be a part of this experience - it was as if a direct communication link had been established between galactic centre and myself. Years later with the arrival of the internet many first wavers began to communicate with each other.

New discoveries and teachings spread around the planet within a few short years.

There was the Mayan Calendars, the plotting of the Earth grid, the Twelvefold chakra system, Twelve+Rays of Creation, Galactic History, new physics, new healing modalities and more.

Astronomers were expanding their view of our universe, providing Remote Experiencers with an extended playground to explore.

During those decades our work includes developing a new Galactic Centre Astrology - where we have blended the latest discoveries from astrophysics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, 12-Strand DNA, structural solar mechanics, plasma cosmology - plus adding new planets, all the while keeping track of real-time spiritual experiences and communication with Star family, which included over a decade of focussed *Remote Experiences*, stargate mapping, Lightbody construction and Starseed Akashic record reading.

This new form of astrology is incredibly accurate at reading the Akashic memories or future skills that Starseed travellers bring into this incarnation.

Now 30 years and over a thousand charts later we can pinpoint with great accuracy star Family Genetic Lineages, upwards of 50 specific skills that have already been mastered (Higher Self Akashic Records) and unique Assignments / Projects that one has volunteered to carry out here on earth, preparing humanity for entry into the galactic community, these can include earth regeneration, arts, healing, sciences, technologies, off planet research, psychic skills, extending understanding of DNA, marine biology, etc.

For example, many Starseed represent the Pleiades genetic family but each has a unique skillset and assignment projects.

Astrology extends far beyond the Galaxy

In summary this new galactic astrology tunes one into the intelligences operating from our Galaxy Centre, individuals become far more conscious of their role as galactic representatives or ground crew ambassadors, this amounts to grounding in the truest sense, one’s life becomes intuitively more tuned in to the larger universe in a real time way. The astro charts aid with the timely manifestation of projects for most this expansion of consciousness ignites their Lightbody.

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