1. Natively inhabit late 4th Density, 5th & 6th Density
  2. All starseed are members of one Alliance or another
  3.  The 5th & 6th Density starseed have personally experienced self initiated biological dematerialization
  4. Fifth Density starseed are happy to work alone, knowing they are always connected to 6th D.
  5. Late 4th Density starseed feel themselves to be ETs, who zoom about in space ships
  6. Sixth D starseed feel they are angels stuck in biology - they are Orbs in their native 6th D environment.
  7. Each starseed. shares love as an inherent frequency and has a specific project to carry out.
  8. Post 2033 after the galactic community land, starseed may have completed their assignment and go on
  9. Post 2033 4D starseed will likely remain on 4D earth to aid building the new ‘Light Cities’, etc etc
  10. Post-2033 Holographic recordings from home star systems will be available for each starseed.


Superluminal lifestylers and their inhabitable Orbs - our presentation "Alphabet of the Ark" on Dan Winter's FractalU.

Our work modelling SubPlanck Phase Space (PDF) is cutting edge and nests perfectly with Dan's fractal physics -

Many starseed arrived early on - around 20,000yrs ago - Late Lemuria and mid-late Atlantis - some in Sumeria - when the earthgrids collapsed they became involuntarily stuck on the planet (like planes stuck at an airport due to bad weather - except in this case lasting 20,000yrs) - they might have been 15ft tall with elongated skulls - many of them may have went to the Arctic, Tibet, others may have went to the Antarctic. Some may have survived the problems by being involved in the mystery schools in Alaska, Hawaii, Easter Is, Peru, Crimea, Ireland etc, they would have maintained long lifespans for hundreds of years, while others may not have been so fortunate and begun to reincarnate over and over, getting shorter and shorter while losing memories of their original star heritage - many options - arriving to the present - about 150yrs ago - when - many first timer starseed began to arrive (earthgrids were beginning to fire up again) along with some from the Egyptian mystery schools who time traveled to the mid 1800s - many of these new arrival starseed were brothers and sisters of the earlier starseed who were stuck here on earth - many related genetically, and some of the new arrivals were still living their same life as when they saw their earlier brothers/sisters getting stuck here - so two different groups of starseed,- the older who have mostly lost memories and the more recent (Dolores Canon's three waves) arrivals.
Arriving starseed and star family are then from a different timeline (era) from the earlier ones - many of the earlier ones are more densely embedded in 3D reality/history/karma, many of these identify with the esoteric schools of the past (Buddhism, Egyptian, Sufi, Rosy Rosicrucian etc) - for them 'awakening' may not mean ET , but may be 'enlightenment' as presented by past those schools.Some newbies birth into families that have strong genetic connections to original starseed so memories as being significant players in the past are taken as personal pastlive experiences.

Psychology of Starseed

The Multi-Density Psychology of Starseed and Angels:

Older starseed 45+ are mostly 6th Density (75%ish) - those under 45 more likely 4th Density (RA LoO) - why ?
because those 4th D starseed are here to work with the new human entering first subplane of 4th Density or GREEN/red .
Younger starseed are closer to that vibration and more capable - 4th Density is a realm of new technologies - like Tesla (who was from late 4D) zero point , interested in UFOs, have an interest in the Space programs, etc etc , plus all the organic ways of living and social interactions - there would be some from 5/6th just not a majority like earlier.
the older 6th D starseed may not resonate with gadgets or technologies - as RA says they have been out of the physical for some billion years perhaps more - they don't have bipedal bodies , even like the transparent humanlike light bodies of 5th Density -
6D starseed groups don't live on a planetary surface - no need - they create their own personal orb or big Mothership Orb - hence they feel like angels stuck in a physical body .
6thDensity Starseed are angels and their galactic astrology shows this - not so connected to any star but directly connected to Galactic Centre/Galactic Administration.
Bashar and his group are late 4th Density (GREEN/violet) - still in biological bodies and move around in a UFO - Bashar is Darryl's (mid4thD GREEN/blue) future self .
Robert Monroe met a number of entities during his vast number of OBE journey's eventually he realized they were his future selves helping him. This is the nature at 4th Density
By 5th Density (post biology) most of the seperate individual aspects of the higher self have fused into just a few individuals who 'contain' all the collected wisdom of that HS -
until at 6th Density the final couple of individuals left of a HS are summing up the complete HS experience - hence there are many incarnate who are doing this.

Higher Self Mid Sixth Density

Here is what a Higher Self looks like as an Plasma energy Construct/Mothership - 6th Density is where form and function have been unified - what you see is what/who they are -

Group Consciousness

One very common element thats appeared over the decades via channelled sources is - when the channel asks for the name of the source , the reply is they don't have a name - the channel more or less makes one up - advanced Races don't use or need personal names.

All starseed lived within a group consciousness or advanced social environment and will find in the coming galactic era, an era when starseed can review the historic records of their departure - they had no name, this is why advanced Races use colour coding for skills/expertise and clothing.
Starseed to be starseed means they’ve come from and operated within a group consciousness, meaning that their shared identity with their species or group is more important to them than a sense of personal identity or personality that they may have. A group consciousness is a collective awareness, identity, intelligence and communication system. Individuals within the group consciousness are aware of what the group experience is. They are a part of the group because they want to be and not because they are in any way forced to be a part of it. The attraction of a group consciousness is so great that beings let go of the need to operate from the level of personal preferences in favour of the group consciousness.
Source / God is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning back to this state of being.

Starseed often attempt to connect to their Star Family and their akashic records as an individuality/personality. However we cannot have a human style of relationship with a group consciousness and it may feel as if it is lacking of personality. As such to a human a group consciousness may feel a little detached and impersonal. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want to have human relationships with Star Family then we can begin to appreciate and communicate more directly with these group consciousness’s and have a deeper understanding of what akashic records entails.

Example organogram for Group Consciousness.


Fourth Density Social Memory Complex

1992 - 2012 - 2032 Twenty Year Cycles

Natures Fractal calendar and the time portals or nodes in linear time where multidimensional levels intersect:

2032 is a time-node, the famous 20 and back cycling of repeating-yet-upgrading experience:  1992 -  2012 - 2032.

By 2032 4th Density (initial entry subplane GREEN/red) humanity will have formed a 4D "Social Memory Complex".

This is the invitation required by the Galactic Community to land and begin setting up facilities - and humanity becomes a member of the galactic community.

Lets take a peek at the Heliocentric Astrology for late 2032

Vesta aligned Galactic Centre:
spiritual/scientific ceremony+celebration.

Planet: Snow White - all chakra’s united
Galactic Administration 8D to earth chakra
a fantasy becomes reality.

Neptune: Crown chakra - everyone receives
a connection in their own way/language.

Chiron: global healing ritual
Global shamanic transition.

Uranus: Third Eye - massive instant development
of psychic powers + a global teleportation system.

Mors-Somnus: many Starseed make a transition
transmigration is on the table.

Planet: Makemake - Global telepathy - collective
healing of nature with galactic support.

Mercury: telepathy-communication between dimensions.
Ceres: interface with Deva + Faery kingdoms.
Astrocourier: visits to Motherships and journeys on Lightships.

For those who have their charts we off a progression chart for 2032 - includes a 30min audio- see.

Galactic Integration 2032

GALACTIC ASTROLOGY : Future time line for Starseed at 2032

2032 is the end of the 40yr Mayan cycle from 1992 - where 2012 was midpoint.
Star Nations use this natural calendar to identify fractal nodes in time.

The 1992 - 2032 era is the transition era - awakening humanity to 4th Density -
the initial subplane of 4th Density is - GREEN/red HEART/action - we see this everywhere.
Activism, demonstrations, exposure (Edward Snowden), the secret space programs, teleportation, Luke Skywalker etc are , these are GREEN/red activities.

The global event for the landing of Star Nations is very likely 2032
Timed to help initiate the next era where humanity joins the Galactic community.


Sixth Density Starseed Dan Kapsol

Dan has a great Helio progressed chart for 2032
Dan timed his birth very coherently for 2033
Dan planned ahead, lets check out what he set up for himself during the 2032 era.

Earth arrives at a deca node to the Galactic Centre/Administration node, the direction from where the galactic community will arrive.
The stargate into our solar system is close by.
Dan is ‘online’ during the phase shift from 1992-2032 / 2032-2072.
He stands with asteroid ‘Geometria’ - sacred geometry under his feet.

At the next galactic node (10 o’clock) we see Dan’s asteroid ‘Phidias’, the prime template for sacred geometry the golden ratio.

A couple of years before 2030 Dan’s Venus (arts / gatherings) catch’s asteroid ‘Ceres’ (uniting the tribe) and by 2034 Venus meets outer planet ‘Eris/Xena’ ( leading/initiating) all at the next galactic node.

At ‘6 o’clock’ - a galactic node is outer planet ‘Varuna’ (sovereign - leading shamanic quests).

At the next node (4 o’clock) new planet ‘Makemake’ (fertility/sharing new ideas) is with asteroid ‘Juno’ (councelor/art decor).

At the next node we find Jupiter (teaching) with Mars (scout) and asteroid ‘Kalliope’ (journalism).

At the next node we find Pluto (resources) and asteroid ‘Fibonacci (natures prime template of growth).

Starseed in 2032

Sixth Density Starseed Dan Kapsol


StarKid Case Study: Greta (Great) Thunberg
Greta was born directly aligned to star Sirius.
Greta is a Swedish political activist working to stop global warming and climate change. In August 2018, she became a prominent figure for starting the first school strike for climate outside the Swedish parliament building.
In November 2018, she spoke at TEDxStockholm, in December she addressed the United Nations Climate Change Conference and in January 2019, having just turned 16, was invited to talk to the World Economic Forum at Davos.
Greta’s Sirian Star Soul Akashic Records (includes 6 Generational Planetoids):
Chiron: Healer, Shawoman.
Pholus (generational): Butterfly Effect.
Dziewanna (generational): New dawn, radiant, tuned to nature.
Amycus: Creates policies, intuitive.
BenFranklin-Artesian: Statesperson, solutions, nature, water element.
Vesta: Wisdom.
Sila-Numan (generational): Environmentalist, protector of far north, sincere.
Elatus: Creative speaker/writer, designs affirmations.
Saturn: Grounded, determined, committed, thorough.
Anastasia: Tuned to Nature.
Sedna (generational): Elder, Global presence.
Salacia (generational): Protector of oceans.
Bienor: inspired, sense of dharma, benefactor, awards.
Pallas Athena: Activist, balanced masculine/feminine.
Manwe (generational): PR, expressive, element of AIR.

Case Study

Starkid Case Study: Haaziq Kazi (13yrs old)
More and more 4th Density/5D Starkids are incarnating with practical solutions to global scale problems.
Like many Haaziq selected to birth on one of the Solar Stargate nodes linked to Galactic Centre Admin (evidence reveals an ancient mega-Star at galactic centre and not the usual black hole theory - see LaViolette Sgr-A)
Haaziq’s akashic skillset includes (brief, as there would be many more):
Pluto/Athena/Crimea: aligned Galactic Centre -
Pluto is like Sherlock Holmes, sees the deeper truth and then makes use of those insights, Athena is inventive, wise, able to solve problems/puzzles and Crimea is an unfolding story with 40+ pyramids.
Echeclus: Balanced mental function, abstract concepts blend with logic.
Saturn/Vesta/Sila-N/Elatus/Mars/Praamzus/Juno: This cluster includes practicality, leadership, resources, recycling, protection of environment, gifted articulate speaker, diplomatic, wise, thorough.
Asteroid DNA with asteroid Ben Franklin = Statesmanhood, respected, inventive.
Sedna: Elder, overview, transformative presence.
G kun: recently discovered/named, transformer, alchemist.
Mesopotamia: past lives.
Uranus/Manwe: Uranus the creative inventor with Manwe the excellent communicator and protector of the elements.
Nessus/Chiron: Both guides, healing, shamanic.
Arthur: Leader, integrity, new politics.
Haaziq Kazi (Born 8 April 2006) is a high-school student from Pune, India known for his project (alias ERVIS) to clean ocean from wastes (primarily plastic).

StarKid Case Study: Anke Chen (7years old)
Anke born with Earth aligned to Sirius.
Anke’s plays Mozart-like piano pieces.
Her Akashic Skills include:
Soomana: Star Girl.
Vesta: Third Eye (pronounced Forehead) open, wise.
Fibonacci: Structure of new Music (Rick Merrick’s Golden Ratio Music Theory).
Orius: Balanced between personal and professional life, tuned to needs of society.
Dziewanna: Nature, sunshine, emotionally expressive.
Juno: Diplomat, psychic, receptive.
Mercury: communicator, speaker.
Venus: Artist.
Sedna: Elder, global presence.
Rhiphonos: Protector, designated driver.
Hathor: Music, frequencies, music theory.
Bienor: creative, motivated.
Euterpe: Musician.
Ceres: Natural wisdom.
Neptune/Chiron: Inspired healer.

Starseed Case Study

Zuzana Caputova
born June 21st - Solstice + Galactic Centre
Zuzana, an environmentalist becomes Slovakia’s new President.
Zuzana selected to birth as Earth passes Solstice + Galactic Centre.
Zuzana’s Akashic Skillset includes:
Nessus: Guide, supportive.
Sila-Numan: Sincere, compassion, conservationist.
Saturn: Politics, determined, develops structures.
Risehvezd: Slavic name for ’galaxy’ + ‘stars’.
Pallas Athena: Foresight, strategist, blends feminine with masculine, skilful in male world.
Eris: Leader, already member of new world.
Chiron: Healer, natural medicines.
G kun homdima: Truth seeker, confident, shape-shifting into new forms.
Pholus: Wise, just, celebratory, empathetic.
Salacia: Determined, sustainable developments, environmentalist.
Manwe: Excellent communicator, truthful, skilful PR.
Jupiter: Leader, clear thinker, turning abstract concepts into precise ideas.
Borasisi/Vesmir: Elected politician (Borasisi), statesperson, Vesmir-Slavic for ‘universe’.

Zuzana Caputova

Rigelean Star Family

Lets take a quick look at todays Astro-Genetics/Stars/Star Families.

If you were to Google search ‘DNA Helix’, you’ll find the defining geometry is a decagon (plan view of the helix). Thats the angle / angel coding where akashic memories are stored (AMENTI, I-AM-TEN) in the etheric DNA.
The decagon is the ‘only’ polygon where its radius is a ‘golden ratio’ to its edge length (golden ratio physics defines ‘non-local’ instantaneous entanglement), meaning the decagon is a Stargate Portal Event Horizon (Stonehenge decagon roof + Whiteleaved Oak).
The decagon is:
a: map of the ‘akashic records’.
b: pinpoints star family genetic connections.
c: operates as a series of portals offering realtime intercommunication throughout the galaxy/dimensions.
Here’s a few examples of those who selected to incarnate at the decagons genetic nodes, when we place one node at the star Rigel (Mary Magdalene’s Star Family).
1: Leonard Nimoy - 26th March - Spock
2; Carrie-Ann Moss - 21st August - Trinity / Matrix
3: Frank Lloyd Wright - 8th June - Architect
4: Yoko Ono - 18th February - revolutionary artist.
5: Stephen Ditko - 2nd Nov - co-creator of Marvel comics.
6: Martin Goodman - 18th January - Marvel comics
7: J.Allen Hynek - 1st May - Astronomer - UFO advisor.
8: Sinead O’Connor - 8th December - revolutionary artist.

Rigel Astro-Genetic Decagon


Starseed Case Study Charts include:
David Bohm – Frank Zappa – Uri Geller – Heath Ledger – Alison Moyer – Linda Carter – Nick Drake – Barry Gibb – Neil Young – Darryl Anka - Jane Austen – Patrick Flanagan – Barbara Marx Hubbard – Judy Jz Knight – Dolores Cannon – Aldous Huxley – Alice Bailey – Amelia Earhart – Anne Applebaum – Billy Meier – Brad Pitt – Bucky Fuller – Carla Ruecket – David Byrne – David Wilcock – Don Elkins – Ed Kelly – John Dee – Edward Snowden – Florence Nightingale – Russell Brand – Gary Kurtz – George Carlin – George Lucas – Helena Blavatsky – John Kennedy – John Lennon – Jose Arguelles – Kate Blanchett – Lou Reed – Marion Anderson – Martha Graham  – Paul McCartney – Peggy Seeger – Phillip K Dick – Ram Dass – Rudolf Steiner – Shakespeare – Alexander Scriabin – Steven Spielberg – Stravinsky – Sun Ra – Terence McKenna – Viginia Wolff –