5D - Permaculture

Lets make this happen – a number of models exist –  5D Permaculture Blueprint  – also a 5D Community Toolkit is free to use created by Foster & Kimberly Gamble (Thrive the movie), Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Rudolf Steiner and others offer similar ‘5D Whole Systems’ Community models.
Promoting a community structure based upon Nature’s design strategy – Twelve around a central hub (also found in the Mayan Calendar & Twelve Rays)

Alphanumeric cross referencing
a=1 and z=26
the positive timeline *
organic trance orchestra *
alighted on the ascended earth *
the new world vision *
the city of the future *
designing the garden cities *
invoke the landscape Deva's *
the leyline systems *
the green belt garden cities *
within walking distance *
collective consensus *
cooperative collective *
organizing intelligence *
one uni-phi-ed superfield *
golden ratio fractality *
nesting by golden ratio *

Twelve around a Central Heart/Hub - 12 inside each - Fractal Growth