Chart Feedback

Hello Grayham, just wanted to let you know I read the chart. It's beyond incredible and I'm really looking forward to going deeper.

I have had my done as well and it explained so much. I still go back and listen to audios and I hear more and more that makes so much sense. You will be happy you have yours done!

Yes! My reading was wonderfully validating. I'm still working through embracing it all. Highly recommended!

I am still processing the info...allowing myself to fully integrate in to what I have always known. So much info, sometimes I am so excited I have to put myself on pause

I could not have enough courage to tell another human all these things about myself that you've found in my chart. Even down to the telescoping - I can literally see things microscopically without the use of any equipment, as well as of course remote view, etc.
This reading and the information you have shared are invaluable. And I have been watching LOTR once a month for about 2 years now. 🙂 And so much about physics happening in my head. Perhaps now, I will take some courses. You are ground-breaking, absolutely cutting edge pioneer. My sincere appreciation.

Hi there Grayham , just wanted to say thanks so much for my chart . Admittedly i cried when i listened to the chart . It has been so beneficial and consolidating for me and the path ahead . So much there that made so much sense and many duh moments, think my synthesiser arrived a couple of days after and have been listening to Steve Roach ever since .. I hope its ok to recommend you to some of my friends .. Although i know you are swamped .. I feel since i have heard and connected with my Arcturian heritage i have been able to connect with and have felt very protected . I also feel that the chart activated alot in me that was waiting for me to remember . So thank you from my Heart and Soul to yours . Much love x

Hi Grayham,
A note of appreciation to my Galactic Astrology chart that you have prepared and sent to me a few weeks back ...
An astounding collection of information that you have brought forward through your Astrology chart reading system that has produced some astonishing results to help myself towards my future path forward from this point... nothing short of amazing to say the least.
Also have to mention the uncanny amount of synchronizities I had experienced ( all great experiences too ) when I first listened to your readings as well.
This is all a high level experience of learning, as to the subjects I have been resonating deep within - so deep that I wasn't even sure they ( subjects ) could be a possibility, of the powers one could have, let alone to have the ability to bring them to the surface, to further develop and nurture

Hi Grayham,
Wow, no words!
Will get back to you with a more detailed response when it sinks in. . .
Totally blown away! update

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but we were totally blown away by the accuracy of your reading. S especially, as he is the more skeptical one.
All aspects of the charts resonate, most of which we know and can feel, but to receive further validation is always pure joy.
We now have a better understanding and can put meaning to our core connections and are excited to further explore and develop our strengths, thanks for the references and links - this is priceless.
Yes we are very supportive of each other, we do pretty much everything together.
It will come as no surprise to you then that we read very few stories, novels but rather prefer to read text books and are avid researchers. Coincidently, the first real story book I ever read was The Mists of Avalon - the story of King Arthur and Avalon from Morgain and the woman's perspective, it touched me deeply and so beautifully written by Marion Zimmer Bradley - I read this in my late twenties and totally fell in love with it. So yes - the whole King Arthur, Stonehenge, Merlin story line etc. . spot on!
Magdalen: One of my favourite pieces of healing music is from sound healer Tom Kenyon who has channelled The Songs of Magdalen and also wrote The Magdalen manuscripts. . . his work is truly beautiful.
Hawaii - We both have a penchant for collecting vintage Hawaiian clothes - Steve with the classic Hawaiian shirts and myself with the barkcloth flowery dresses and pantsuits from the 50's and 60's. We did discuss going to visit for one of our 50th birthdays but the universe had other ideas.
We have spent the last two years building our off grid motor home Betty, 'who is a rather stylish beast' and are set to enjoy travelling to at least six festivals this year, ranging from the arts, pagan, ethical, healing etc. . . kicking off with two immersive O.B.E workshops in France in March.
We are aiming on traveling full/time for maybe five or so years, learning and exploring all manner of mind expansion. Perhaps going from community to community, workshops and visiting sacred sites. We are currently creating a blog to share our knowledge and experiences to connect the dots on all levels - with the intention to bring about and trigger conscious awakenings from a place of love . . . I have been working with a healing modality 'Star Magic Healing' working with light codes, sacred geometry, mystery schools, DNA activations and star constellations and all other magical things. . . it is very powerful, extremely creative and I love it. . . remote healing will be a large part of what I do whilst we are on the road. Holding healing groups is something I see in the future, when my confidence grows. So for now as we manifest our future, it is playing out exactly as your charts reveal. . . sharing our knowledge via the internet and healing in a creative way. Until we find our magic land upon which to settle and build a home and community.
So that's enough for now, we will be going over the charts again tomorrow night 'so much to take in' and so we may come back with a few questions if that's okay?
Many thanks for your insight and for the incredible work that you do.

Have just finished listening to my birth chart... WOW! Synchronizities at every point !!!! Huge info about my within already ... I am on fire now with clarity starting to unfold already ... Brilliant Grayham ... I'll stop now and resonate - save the rest for tomorrow ... simply amazing!! Funny how I had asked you also about Telepathy before I had listen to the birth chart audio. Top level stuff Grayham ... !! Thanks so much again Pin point accuracy to say the least ... exciting The charts you do are incredible. i am still floored by the reading.

I've finally finished 'part one' and I am in awe. I've had my charts done before and always happy with the results...but yours so indepth and AMAZEBALLS.

On the topic of earth Grid I’ve been experimenting with etheric Balance through chembusting and medicine wheels. I can see a difference. Your work with me on my chart really helped clear up what my mission is and I really appreciate it.

Grayham just read my galactic birth chart. I was Hopi in a past life. I was quite surprised by that. You nailed all the other past lives I knew about already. I've always had an attraction to Native American culture, but never in my life did I think I WAS one in a past life. I've never really had an inkling to travel out west except for Mt Shasta and the Orgeon Coast, but lately, I'm being drawn to the desert. I heard it is absolutely beautiful and the energy is amazing. I don't want to reply to you until I've read everything, but I am sitting here listening to your audio and I am completely floored. No words. Part of me is laughing out loud, other parts of me started crying because it rang SO TRUE. I'm not sure where the tears came from other than it is nice to know that what I've been feeling/thinking for years actually has a reason behind it. You are amazing and I've only just begun what you've given me.

I just want to say that my jaw is fully on the floor of how amazingly accurate and inspiring your Galactic Reading is!!! A beautiful (and amazing) confirmation of what's already started to happen in my life, but offered in a wider context.

hi Grayham,
thank you so much for the incredible charts & readings. Not sure if you are interested in feedback, but thought id just let you know that you were spot on!
Im an artist, and i paint nature/ocean, sacred geometry, ancient energies, cosmic themes, amongst many others. I am also a good writer and poet, and I have a large social media following where i blog about my art. Hawaii has always been of particular interest to me (been there once but was a beach/shop holiday so feel the need to go back and get into the energy of the land and people more)... also have laways been drawn strongly to Lemuria. I can 'read' people, and am good at gathering people and info, and getting the word out.
Many more things you mentioned were literally 'nail on the head'... but those are the ones im remembering now.
Oh yes, when i was in my late 20's i read 2 books called "Ptah"( a channeled entity/energy sharing wisdom & knowledge) ... and i see Ptah comes up in my chart! I had never heard of this then and not again until now. They were 2 of my fave books ever and I kept them (normally i pass books on once done, but these ive had for over 20 years) anyway, just wanted to let you know.
Im gonig to listen to them again during the week, letting this sink in first and seeing what comes up for me. thank again, ...brilliant!

Seriously... my mind is blown (but in a good way). "I cannot thank you enough for your gift to humanity, and for the gift that came to me in the amazing Galactic Astrology charts and audio insights you made for me. I have experienced nearly everything in this lifetime in my charts as you laid them out. And there is more time to integrate the other unknown aspects and to make them a part of this lifetime, if not the next! These audio and visual files have given me new vision and new goals and so much insight on how to proceed with what has been calling me so strongly. Please take this as a testament to my gratitude and joy at finding out more about my authentic starseed self. Your skill and gift is incredible! Thank you!"

Hi Gray,
I want to thank you for my birth chart, it was eye opening and it confirmed all what I am and will become...
In the Spring I am going back to school to study, what else, Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Astronomy, things are not done at random.
During this lifetime, I have been able to help people out by reading them the cards, seeing into a prospective future (which can change), being a healing magnet (people just start telling me their life story), being a cathalyst for change where ever I go (literally companies have closed because of me working there), calling people with telepathy, seeing my home world, talking (if you can call it that) to beings that have come to visit me (I have even seeing the written form of their language), and so on and so forth.
But I was surprised that all of that does show in a birth chart, (Vega is my father's mom maiden name) very interesting. The only regret (if at all) is that I didn't have somebody to guide me during my formative years, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I didn't have a "formal" education per se, it was all a remembrance of my past lives.
I am very excited on what is to come for me, you mentioned something about lenses, I have an idea of a prototype of sorts, for one. I also have some other ideas that have been planted by my night "visitors", that include color (Iris) and fashion...
There is so much more I would like to talk to you about, but I know you are busy, and you are going to get busier, I see a huge expansion happening very soon.

Wow!!! Just listened to my reading.. word for word who I am, have been and see my future self exactly. Mind blowing awesome!! My standards are exceedingly high... If you had any inspiration or any doubt... get this chart done. Wow... Thank you ! Written words can't come close to describing what is alive inside me after the reading.

Thank you Graham. I appreciate your time and assistance.
I can channel Healing Energy and prefer remote healing, it's more powerful.
Lately, I have been Dowsing and clearing myself as well as practicing clearing water, detrimental energies, etc.
Everything about the charts resonates with me in one way or another.
I am truly amazed by what I have learned through the reading, now it's my turn to figure it all out.
Also, you might find this amusing, when I was young, I thought that I was Cleopatra in a past life!
I loved reading science fiction by Isaac Asimov, and I studied about Tesla.
There is more that I could tell you, but you already know!
I am blown away by this astrology!

I’ve just had a listen to both of our charts-very interesting! I will have to listen to them several more times to gain a deeper understanding. I’m sure I will have questions as I go along. I thought you might like to know that I am a psychotherapist and I do intend to write a book! Not entirely sure of the topic so I know that it is not time. I have already written a children’s book which my sister illustrated but we never did anything with it. I also thought you might like to know that S. is adopted. Of course I know that she was meant for us whether through my womb or someone else’s. That’s all for now except I love your voice - very gentle and soothing!
Much love,

Dear Grayham,
Thank you so much for the chart and your wonderful explanations. It very accurately reflects my life and my knowing of my mission. I am a psychic medium and an Intuitive Development teacher, who works with "guides" that you talk about - Isis, Mary Magdalene, Tesla, etc....I'm currently in the process of growing the development arm of my business with a goal of creating an academy and publications to teach others how to access their divine knowing through frequency. Everything in your explanations made so much sense, we use much of the same language in our teachings actually and I will be sending my students your way for these fabulous learnings and insights. If you are open to it, I would love to write about my experience with you in an upcoming newsletter, I'm happy to do so. Your gift of sharing this is so needed and I am so blessed to have received this information through you.

Your voice is soft and peaceful, very easy to understand ur words and even my cat been listening with me /been drawn to ur high frequency vibrations.  Actually yesterday when I opened ur email I felt high energy in my heart/expanded greatly and bliss been touched my all, also lots of feathers appeared at the same time on my path (I was walking in front of a shop) So, clear signs/confirmations..... What else can I say? Gratitude, blessings, love and light.

WOW!!!! I just went along with my urge to get these charts but really I had no idea how blown away I would be! Thank you so much Grayham so much has been validated for me from just the first listen so i'm really looking forward to going through and utilising all the information you have provided and listening to your amazing explanations over the years to come - truly lifechanging!! LOVE your work 🙂

I am not even halfway through my birth chart and I'm crying like a baby. So much understanding of me. Of who I am. You are speaking of my crown chakra at the moment. Before I go any further I wanted to tell you that this seems to be my strongest chakra. Or whatever it may be called. My scalp prickles and feels like a thousand little feet and then it starts to spin. It does so even at times like this. I am hearing and seeing and ny crown chakra is spinning like crazy. It spins with resonance when truth is spoken or for me to stop and look. It spins like this when it involves my purpose. Already, I know I could never thank you enough for what you are unlocking or I am finally accepting within me.

It honestly blows my mind that it has been a month since you sent my charts over. Not as much as my mind was blown when I first read your material, but you get my drift. I finally have a minute to reach out to you about the wonderful work you sent over. It was intriguing and it certainly resonated on many levels. Everything you pointed out was dead on.

HOLY shitballs...! wowzers.....So many of you have seen some posts from Grayham Forscutt on the starseed charts. You may be wondering what that is all about. I have been joking about "me" trying to decipher what Grayham is teaching us because he is brilliant. It is like someone is trying to teach me how to re-wire a car and I have never opened the hood. That's how much I understood astrology.... however.... - I had my chart done and it has been so fun, so eye-opening learning more about astrology, and about me, the Higher self decisions- and my choices. I have listened to my recordings 3 times and I keep on learning. It keeps surprising me how awesome it is. So look at the examples throughout the site and consider having yours done. VERY reasonably priced for what you get to find out. Grayham Forscutt surprisingly I only have 457 questions. I emailed you. Just kidding, only 3.

Hi Grayham, A note of appreciation to my Galactic Astrology chart that you have prepared and sent to me a few weeks back ... An astounding collection of information that you have brought forward through your Astrology chart reading system that has produced some astonishing results to help myself towards my future path forward from this point... nothing short of amazing to say the least. Also have to mention the uncanny amount of synchronizities I had experienced ( all great experiences too ) when I first listened to your readings as well. This is all a high level experience of learning, as to the subjects I have been resonating deep within - so deep that I wasn't even sure they ( subjects ) could be a possibility, of the powers one could have, let alone to have the ability to bring them to the surface, to further develop and nurture ... this is all just only the beginning for sure. Yes, I am a starseed logging into the galactic administration and voluntarying to move forward with my chosen projects here on this planet.

OH. MY. GOD. Seriously, I am floored. I just started my progressions audio and within the first 3 minutes, you had my eyes watering because the truth was so overwhelming. I CANNOT wait to sit down tonight and start taking notes.

The interior decorator part of my chart is me being naturally good at setting homes, rooms up to feel like a home, to me everything sits in harmony when its in its correct spot the energy flows etc. i also use my love of horticulture to design and make gardens look and feel happy, again just comes naturally to me 🙂 its fascinating to see how our charts reflect those qualities plus so much more. The hypno part i take is my intuition which has always been strong but is definitely growing as i grow as a person. Ive always been interested in stars, etc but my first chart has definitely correctly shown the time of my coming into learning and reawakening all my aspects of self, ie searching out starseeds and learning what that entailed, etc. im grateful to have come across you and had my charts read and interpreted by you, its truly life changing and helps me open up more parts of interest to go learning and searching about.

I'm happy I did this Grayham. So accurately descriptive and mind blowing actually. Thank You for your incredible work!!! OMG, Grayham! These charts and your explanation of them are right on target! Thank you also for the added information regarding Procyon. I am so impressed with the thoroughness and seeming accuracy of the information. Thank you and much love to you!!.

WOW!!! Thank you so much! This is an amazing experience. I haven't had enough time to absorb all the information yet, my mind a bit shaking. Some part was quite shocking but in a good way. I will have to go through all of it a few times I guess. It's such a complex chart, I'm impressed! Thank you very much for the astrology chart. I have listened to it twice, though I have not gotten to study the graphics thoroughly yet. Just wanted to reach out with a brief message to connect. You seem extremely familiar, and your voice is soothing and hued with benevolence. I look forward to talking more soon, once I do a bit more study of my chart. So far I have resonated quite deeply with what I have heard. Thanks again!

I am very pleased with everything. It is very, very, accurate. It revealed things I had just started receiving about myself through mediation and guided past life regression. It is such a plethora of information and data, that I will be combing through it for months.

I have already listened through your breakdown twice! You have a special talent (and voice) for sure! I am glad you have chosen to share your gift with those who seek! Much of the information in the chart you did for me does indeed line up incredibly will with what occured in my life in the past 3-4 years. Current evolutions continue to fall in line as well. The timing of everything in my life has synchronized quite well, and indeed all of the skills and missions layed out in the chart, are exactly the direction my life went. From the artist, to the activist, to the musician, to the awakening process and activations. Turns out everything fell into place at around the times you outlined and extrapolated from my chart. It was impressive to see how accurate so much of it was, and continues to be. I am still figuring out how the Arcturian aspect fits into it all, but in the time period when you wrote the post regarding Arcturus, there were major events taking place within my own practice, and my own research/contact/and work involving the building of a wellness center (seen in my chart as well), my music (seen in the chart), and my putting together the complicated pieces of the cloaked craft phenomena I have worked hard on. Things are really coming together right now.

Just finished your audio after reading and looking through your charts and writing. So many interests and ideas that I've had over the past year make complete sense!

GOODNESS! You really brought me to tears with your reading and it's amazing to hear and read what I have worked so hard to discover. It's like a life affirmation. Thank you for helping me build my confidence with the spiritual path a lot more than it was. Believe me! I'll be sharing with my friends how wonderful you are at your art. thank you again Grayham.

Highly recommend! Brilliant insights for star peeps.

Thanks for my reading....listening to the recording now. Was really interesting! Resonates, lots to unpack and relisten to. My favorite info thus far....remarkable resource! Always recommending it to others!

Wow! Thank you Grayham When you first spoke about the great attractor it made me feel like you were pointing in the direction of home, would that be where I possibly come from, if not from this galaxy? I've just felt so out of place all my life... There is so much to take in, it's really expansive compared to the usual chart, which I had done about 15 years ago. 

These charts have been a beautiful and insightful gift for me, and I'm sure for K too. It's been a wonderful journey through the cosmos with you. I feel like I've come to know myself more deeply and dimensionally. Thank you so much for the years you've put into making these marvelous connections, and for all the knowledge and wisdom they give to others.

I have mine. Do you have yours. Really truthful info here. Mr. Grayham Forscutt does awesome job. Check it out.

I'm still in awe over the accuracy of the spectacular reading and Galactic Astrological chart that you created for me Grayham! Grateful for all of the work you have done over the years, making it possible for StarSeeds to connect with missions and StarFamilies! I am delighted your reading has confirmed I am listening to my higher self and right on path. Thank you so much.

I am still going over mine. In the beginning I couldn't understand a thing but listen your audio few times I finally start seeing what you said. You are spot on with everything. I kind of knew my skills but in my environment there is almost nothing that I can apply. I was not sure of my contract and that's why I needed your confirmation. It shocked me, the fact that you saw that 6 years ago something happened to me and that's the point that my life finally started to settle and prepare for the awakening process. Thank you for crossing my path. Bless you for doing this work. I have done and am doing work in all the aspects and positions you mention in the chart. The variety and combinations are spot on(pun intended). I will be listening and looking at this material many times, digesting and processing it in layers. Thank you again for your wonderful work!

I cannot say enough to describe how the chart you did has helped me carry out my assignment, and corroborate past readings I've had from other modalities. The more I unpack the reading, the more I can describe what it is doing. 

Wanted to let you know.. The reading you did for me was the equivalent of someone turning on the lights in a room where i was left to feel my way around in the dark. My feelings may have been accurate but the reading was exactly the confirmation i needed to be sure of that! It has been essentially empowering to all that i am currently awakening to with regard to this incarnation. Seriously cannot thank you enough!

I am BLOWN AWAY grayham ! this reading is incredible ! and your voice is such a blessing to listen to thank you so much !!!! Incredible and well worth every penny spent for his reading. I just received mine last week. Lots of confirmations a couple of interesting surprises but it helped me to understand why I have so many different interests lol but really brought confirmation as to what my focus should be regarding my create side.

Lessons Feedback

The first 4 classes Ive taken so far have been an absolute pleasure, I feel like I've learned how to visualize astronomical allignments in real time through hyperspace.
It was such a simple and easy to understand lesson.
Grayham was very easy going and didnt give too much homework!


The chart construction class with Grayham was excellent. He met me where I was at by allowing me to ask the specific questions I had about how to construct the charts, along with some of the theory behind it as well. He also gave me some great tools and insights beyond my questions. If you are looking to get into Galactic Astrology more, this class is well worth it!

Grayham is a responsive teacher and meets you at your own individual level of understanding. It's a relaxed session of questions and answers so come prepared with a list of questions you want answers to. After Grayham answers the questions, one is able to get a better understanding of what is required of them to draw and interpret these charts. It's great foundational step and always a pleasure to learn and chat with Grayham!

Grayham has given me 1-2-1 to tuition on construction and interpretation of heliocentric charts using the decagon nodes of his Galactic Astrology system. I took the 1-2-1 tuition after he interpreted my own chart and was actually able to note past events in my progressions chart that enabled me to trust his system and therefore learn it. It applies the decagon nodes as a method of aspectation that informs a starseed of their assignment tool kit as it is actualizing through progressions. He employs Classical Thought in the Qualities of the Planets and Asteroids with New Age Thought of the Galactic Astrology comprehensively and concisely, and teaches all this in a similar fashion. In New Age Thought which is often plagued by nonsense, his work and teaching methodology cuts through distortions of thought and emotion that often obstructs the assignments starseeds are incarnate with. Learning his system of Galactic astrology is a means for remembrance and realising our relationship to our Galactic and Supergalactic family and the spiritual science at work in this. M.

Galactic Astrology class with Grayham was a beautiful and deeply rewarding experience. Grayham shares insights and perspectives from vintage point of his 30 years+ reserarch of the subject. His class explores complex subjects, and yet Graham presents it in a way that's easy to understand. The whole system of Galctic Astrology he developed is fascinating, offering wide range of inspiring insights into our higher mission and skills we developed along many previous lifetimes. In addition to this, Grayham's view of Galaxy as a highly complex, living Angelic being opened many new intuitive connections that helped me connect with it on a deeper and more direct way. I am grateful for generosity with which Grayham shared his wisdom and I recommend his class wholeheartedly. Thank you!
V. J.