Spinning around the SuperGalactic Equator


It’s import to realize what we’re doing here with Galactic *CENTRE* Astrology -

The realm of the OverSoul is beyond the ET family storyline from Lyra+Vega - our approach is accessing the memories stored in our Oversoul which has ‘guided’ the progress of Star Family unfoldment throughout a local sector of the Milky Way -
In this respect we’re looking beyond a simple ‘Akashic Reading’ of past lives in various planetary systems to the *INTENT* of the Oversoul and purpose underlying the numerous Soul Extensions spread throughout time/space and dimensions - all of the above resolves back into the Galactic Centre where the originating OverSoul sprang from .

An extract from the group consciousness “Germane” via Lyssa Royal
The Soul Coding
What reincarnates?
The I who was me then and who will be me in the future is perhaps both my soul and my physical genetic representation... but that original soul unaffected by the genetic coding has its own coding. Where does that come from, and why should it be affected by the Terra coding in our next reincarnation?
Good question.
First, a little bit of metaphysics here. Let's say that the oversoul is the palm of the hand. The fingers are the lifetimes or incarnations. Now, the oversoul knows the entire story and dictates what you're going to do. That's your source. That's the source that made you Lyran, Sirian, and Terran - the progression.

Genetics has been considered a physical thing. It's in your genes. Your genetic coding is in your DNA. Now, there is etheric DNA (for lack of another term) that exists within the matrices of your soul or your oversoul's energy. This represents your past, your future, your present all wrapped up into one idea. It's encoded by light frequencies.
This is what dictates or what attracts you to a certain type of body. When you want to come into a lifetime, there will be various connections with the different bodies on Earth. If you want to incarnate as a black person, maybe there have been lifetimes as other black people and you want to resolve them.
That's one idea. That's on the Earth level. 

There are other levels that represent your identity with your Source on an etheric genetic level. That will dictate your experiences and your genetic evolution, not against your will but as a reflection of your will, and not only your genetic evolution on Earth, but your metagenetic evolution, the genetic evolution of you as a light being.

Originally was this etheric DNA created by someone, some energy form?

No, not outside of you. We've described the whole idea of the dimensional infusion, which was your emergence into this reality that you all share. You came from a point of integration into a reality of separation. When you fragmented it was like the shattering of a mirror. You brought with you the original stuff that you were part of, and that is part of your identity. Your experiences here alter your identity; they change it, expand it.

So it's not that someone else created you but that who you are inherently created the codes that we speak of. It's a reflection of you rather than a blueprint about you.

Lyran - Vegan Genetics and the ongoing Star Family Storyline is taking place within the pentagon/decagon.

Galactic Organisations 

1:  Galactic Centre Administration -   Inhabiting the centre of galaxies are those Elders termed Masters and Celestial Beings - they can clearly create and inhabit their own Collective Starship, in fact their 'ship' is who they are (unity is unity). These Elders travel between galaxies and help where necessary and have the capability to influence and direct Source plan for continued evolution. 
*Broad spectrum aiding in all aspects of creativity, arts, sciences, social, galactic, extragalactic* (see our work with this group here.)

2:  Association of Worlds   The Association of Worlds, or (United) "Federation of Planets", is a group of physical and non-physical beings from many realms who come together for a number of purposes. Some have called them a galactic confederation or federation. There is no hierarchical structure or authority inherent in the Association. The primary purposes for their interactions with Earth are: (1) to gently nudge humanity toward a greater awareness of itself and its place within the Association, and (2) to prevent a critical number of nuclear explosions on Earth, which can cause a rip in the fabric of space/time, affecting the galactic neighborhood. They have absolutely no intention now of evacuating anyone from Earth under any conditions. They understand the absolute necessity for the human race to become responsible for itself."  Please note that "Association of Worlds" and "Federation of Planets" are only two ways to denominate the same organization. Being an extraterrestrial organization, the original name of the organization is of course not an English one. Both expressions are merely two different English 'translations' of one and the same name, of one and the same organization. 
*Most of these are of a scientific nature and focus upon research in astronomy, physics and astro­physics, mathematics, medicine, architecture, technology, etc*.

3:  The Alliance  -   In more recent times, there has been a resurgence of aggressive colonisations, by some Grey and Reptilian groups. This had led to a schism within the Federation. The Federation still tends to stick to a non-intervention rule. The breakaway group partially disagrees. They state that non-intervention only works when nobody intervenes. If another party does, however, intervene, then standing by and letting them intervene makes you an accomplice to their intervention by allowing it to happen. So they advocate counter-intervention and even pre-emptive counter-intervention in those cases where others are intervening, or are about to do so. This breakaway group contains members of Arcturus, Korender, Procyon, Alcyone and others. Some authors refer to this breakaway group as ' the Alliance.' 
*Mostly focussed on peacekeeping, human DNA, Earthgirds, timeline repair*.

Ground Crew Starseed who are aligned and working with the Galactic Admin (Group One) could be termed *galactic scouts*, they  may or may not be a part of the Lyran family and have sometimes been referred to as 'Angelic Starseed' or from 'another universe' or from a 'parallel reality' etc. Generally (not always) they're nomads, gypsies and have long since 'left home', being out and about for many millions of years, they may not be too concerned about trying to find their place of adolescence.

Ground Crew Starseed who are aligned and working with the 'Association of Planets' and/or the Galactic Admin often receive a 'data dump' - meaning they may experience/receive one or more downloads (a complete package of info, or codes) and then they may spend the rest of their lives working with that initial download.
The Guardian Alliance (GA) ground crew reps more often experience a telepathic chat (channeling) with their Star Family -

Earth History

Starseed who have arrived during the past century can survey the past earth timeline and select to incarnate as far back as 20,000 years, that could mean lives in the final days of Lemuria and Atlantis.
After the disaster that sunk Atlantis, the earthgrids were thrown offline, only the more advanced Races could come and go from this planet, while other positive ET/Star Families became stuck here on earth.
Starseed experienced loss of memory, unable to connect to Star Family etc.

Earthgrids connect to the Sun Stargate Portal, the only Stargate powerful enough to propel us into the Galaxy.
The best way to empower ourselves and access the Sun Portal is by following our true passions, which is the focus of this astrology - Revealing our akashic skills and present life assignments. 

Chart Options Prices

Before going further please go through the Feedback Page, this will give you an idea of what to expect.
*Had my chart done by Grayham. So many things stand out for me. I love the way I’m unpacking this chart years later. The gift that keeps on giving*… ‘Cara-Dee’.

This astrology is accessing information from the realm of the Oversoul/Higher Self meaning it is densely compressed.  Our Higher Self functions as a Group Consciousness, the experiences of the individual are blended with others, so unlike normal astrology these charts can't be understood after one listen.
Accessing the totality of our future self akashic records is a life long journey, as our life journey unfolds we bring forth more of the memories/skills.

1: Full Chart (the works) includes -
a: Birth Chart: Starseed Lineage, akashic skills & assignments
b: Past Lives Chart: past lives on earth
c: Progressed Chart: present and near future timeline/opportunities
includes a 60min audio talking you thru the three charts step by step -

PRICE is $233US
these are time consuming to draw up and record, about 120min in total.

2: Galactic Centre Astrology - *Birth Chart*: This chart identifies Star Family and various involvements in different star systems (varies greatly with each Starseed) -
This new astrology is both a spiritual+scientific interpretation of Starseed Akashic Records (AstroGenetics) - defining skills mastered and contributions made within advanced social Star Family environments & pinpoints assignments here on earth.
This chart includes a 45 minute Audio talking you through each skill and potential combinations of skills creating 'Service Assignments'.

Much of this chart needs to be drawn by hand - the total time to draw the chart and record the audio is about 100 minutes -

Price is $144US 

3: Past Lives Chart (*additional* to 2) explaining experiences and projects during past lives here on earth - this chart also includes a 15min audio talking you through these 'lives' - Price is $76US

4: Progressed Chart (*additional* to 2) - this chart talks you through your self selected present and near future timeline, here is your unique time schedule, we select  different times in our life to take advantage of 'cosmic' influences - this chart includes a 15min audio talking you through these opportunities - Price is $76US

5: MEGA CHART OPTION (everything in ONE + 2033chart) includes -
a: Starseed Lineage, akashic skills & assignments
b: past lives on earth
c: present and near future timeline/opportunities
d: 2032/33 progressed chart (see) - the projected time humanity 'consciously' joins the Galactic Community - what will you be doing then?
Option  includes a 75min audio talking you thru all four charts step by step -
PRICE is $309US

6: Twin Flame/Couples - includes 60min audio - $233US
(offered to those who already have their individual charts) -three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite

6A: Twin Flame/Couples - includes 60min audio - $432US - three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite 

7: *SPECIAL*  Career Charts for Starkids, Crystal Kids (under 15) -
Similar to option [1] Starseed Lineage, akashic skills & assignments
Includes the *2032-2033* progressed chart option
2032-33 is the era projected by the Galactic Community as the time when humanity will be fully engaged upon building a positive future and therefore ready to enter into the Galactic realms, where Earth looks set to become a 'Paradise Retreat Destination' for our galactic family.
These two charts include a 50-60min audio - PRICE is $165US

Updates - includes 30min audio - $102US

2032/33:  for those who already have their charts we also offer a progressed chart for 2032/33 - includes 30min audio - $102US

An additional extra is our equally insightful alphanumeric NAME analysis (see below), very precise - $34


            • Charts are generally complete within 48 hours. - Enquire


Construction Lessons

Class's are offered to those who ALREADY have their chart.

These are One on One interactive sessions - $120US 60min


We haven't just pulled this galactic astrology out of the hat, or copied any other style of astrology - to make sure it would still be relevant in the post galactic community era was always our focus - we needed to develop a real science and include the latest in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, superluminal phase-space, advanced genetics, astrogenetics, sacred geometry, multi-dimensional psychology, heart frequency coherence and more - this then brought astrology up into the present and on into the future -

our main website *unified fractal field*

A few unique discoveries -
including plotting a series of stargates (see) -
mapping the Cosmo-Genetic-Family-Tree -
advanced Lightbody construction - Starship Diamond Lightbody design -
modelling subPlanck scale physics (how two locations interact in realtime over any distance) and more - 

Starchitecture with Dan Winter -

Fun yet also highly relevant - transpersonal alphanumeric cross referencing -
Alphanumerics a1 - z26

a list of phrases that all equal 253
Galactic Centre astrology
the spiritual hierarchy
the incarnated ascended master
integrated ascended masters
initiated in the solar core
star-seed activation chamber
tuned to the galactic centre
represent galactic council
the unified galactic society
awaken starseed wanderers
grounding cosmic energies
applying golden phi ratio
enlightened co-creatorship
a galactic activation portal
instantaneous signals
superluminal pulses
the location of stargates
the frequencies of stars
x-ray sources in galaxy
galactic co-ordinate points
the centre of the galaxy
central galactic points
celestial civil service
local universe agents
overseeing the galaxy
galactic administration
real galactic federation
the galactic community
group psychology
galactic wide unity field
advanced civilizations
at the co-ordination hub
the Spirit of Christ


Group Consciousness*Starseed*Akashic Records

One very common element thats appeared over the decades via channelled sources is - when the channel asks for the name of the source , the reply is they don't have a name - the channel more or less makes one up - advanced Races don't use or need personal names.

All starseed lived within a group consciousness or advanced social environment and will find in the coming galactic era, an era when starseed can review the historic records of their departure - they had no name, this is why advanced Races use colour coding for skills/expertise and clothing.
Starseed to be starseed means they’ve come from and operated within a group consciousness, meaning that their shared identity with their species or group is more important to them than a sense of personal identity or personality that they may have. A group consciousness is a collective awareness, identity, intelligence and communication system. Individuals within the group consciousness are aware of what the group experience is. They are a part of the group because they want to be and not because they are in any way forced to be a part of it. The attraction of a group consciousness is so great that beings let go of the need to operate from the level of personal preferences in favour of the group consciousness.

Source is a group consciousness and all beings through the process of evolution are ultimately returning back to this state of being.

Starseed often attempt to connect to their Star Family and their akashic records as an individuality/personality. However we cannot have a human style of relationship with a group consciousness and it may feel as if it is lacking of personality. As such to a human a group consciousness may feel a little detached and impersonal. If we can get over the normal human tendency to want to have human relationships with Star Family then we can begin to appreciate and communicate more directly with these group consciousness’s and have a deeper understanding of what akashic records entails.



alphanumeric Cross Referencing
a1 - z26
tuned to core of the Shapley concentration
central heart of the Shapley supercluster
face to face with the divine central heart presence
most massive super-cluster of galaxies
cosmotopological source of negentropy
subquantum holographic information field
infinitely compressible quantum medium
unit cell building block of cosmic architecture
personification of the Dharmakaya Bodhisattva

Introducing the real C.I.A

alphanumerics a1 - z26 (C=3, I=9, A=1)
cross referencing

every phrase here totals 391 (C.I.A.).
the core of the Shapley Supercluster
cosmotopological gravitational heart
the Heart of the Central Spiritual Sun
to centre of the Shapley concentration
to the universe centre headquarters
coherent fractal cosmogenetic family tree
my journey to central headquarters
travel the wormholes between galaxies
i work for the Central Intelligence Agency
multidimensional standing wave patterns
interdimensional attraction modules
through the interdimensional layers
using hierarchical fractal structures
Organic fractal self organising holograms
fundamental particles permeating all space
time reverse reconstruct ourself
the structure of sub-Planck phase-space
superluminal phase conjugate mechanism
holographic quantization of Spacetime

Whats it all about?

Starseed/Lightworkers - the Galaxy and the Earth :
More and more StarSeed, Starkids are birthing, theres many hundred million now incarnate, all arriving for the party ahead as humanity is invited into the Galactic Community -

Theres also a few levels of ‘Ascension’ taking place:
1: Humanity at large is ‘ascending’ into their heart chakra.
2: Advanced humanity are ascending into their semi-etheric Plasma Lightbody (result of raw organic diet, clean emotions and clear thinking)
3: Many starseed are themselves ascending to their next level/dimension (developing their aura as the Diamond Lightbody).

Future Earth post 2030 era:
Emerald/Aqua Jewel
Is Earth to become a paradisal holiday Retreat Destination for galactic neighbours.

transpersonal alphanumerics (everyone gets the same results) 
a1 - z26


Emerald Green Ray * Fifth dimension * Fourth Density (add the) * Whole person * Enthronement * Hemispheric balance * Ambidextrious * Victorious * Accomplishment * Right and left hand * the god and goddess * Mirror imaging * Self enrichment * Kinetic learning* Continuous * Starborn Elder


ascended Earth * New cities * Green belts * Balancing ray * Sherwood * soothing * Consecrated
* raw fruit * Live foods * Optimum * Organic food * Prosper * Garden design * fragility * implement 
* life's ether * balanced state


cleansing * breathing * plasma arc * recharges * playing * releases * massages * rejoices * joined by * chorus * dedication * charity * fusion * colour *