Galactic Organisations

My research suggests half of the incarnate starseed are members of Group 3 - the remaining starseed and those with Avatar Contracts from Group 2 - Wingmakers from Group 1 -  

1:  Galactic Centre Administration -   Inhabiting the centre of galaxies are those Elders termed Masters and Celestial Beings - they can clearly create and inhabit their own Collective Starship, in fact their 'ship' is who they are (unity is unity). These Elders travel between galaxies and help where necessary and have the capability to influence and direct Source plan for continued evolution. 
*Broad spectrum aiding in all aspects of creativity, arts, sciences, social, galactic, extragalactic* (see our work with this group here.)

2:  Association of Worlds   The Association of Worlds, or (United) "Federation of Planets", is a group of physical and non-physical beings from many realms who come together for a number of purposes. Some have called them a galactic confederation or federation. There is no hierarchical structure or authority inherent in the Association. The primary purposes for their interactions with Earth are: (1) to gently nudge humanity toward a greater awareness of itself and its place within the Association, and (2) to prevent a critical number of nuclear explosions on Earth, which can cause a rip in the fabric of space/time, affecting the galactic neighborhood. They have absolutely no intention now of evacuating anyone from Earth under any conditions. They understand the absolute necessity for the human race to become responsible for itself."  Please note that "Association of Worlds" and "Federation of Planets" are only two ways to denominate the same organization. Being an extraterrestrial organization, the original name of the organization is of course not an English one. Both expressions are merely two different English 'translations' of one and the same name, of one and the same organization. 
*Most of these are of a scientific nature and focus upon research in astronomy, physics and astro­physics, mathematics, medicine, architecture, technology, etc*.

3:  The Alliance  -   In more recent times, there has been a resurgence of aggressive colonisations, by some Grey and Reptilian groups. This had led to a schism within the Federation. The Federation still tends to stick to a non-intervention rule. The breakaway group partially disagrees. They state that non-intervention only works when nobody intervenes. If another party does, however, intervene, then standing by and letting them intervene makes you an accomplice to their intervention by allowing it to happen. So they advocate counter-intervention and even pre-emptive counter-intervention in those cases where others are intervening, or are about to do so. This breakaway group contains members of Arcturus, Korender, Procyon, Alcyone and others. Some authors refer to this breakaway group as ' the Alliance.' 
*Mostly focussed on peacekeeping, human DNA, Earthgirds, timeline repair*.

Reverse time travel "Highest Fidelity" Psychology

Galactic Astrology requires we use golden ratio physics.

The latest research and discoveries in superluminal Sub-Planck physics start with golden ratio. Highest fidelity phase conjugating reverse time interactivity requires golden ratio - we apply this fractal physics to reverse time psychology - Recent research in fractal sub-quantum physics reveals the future interacts (travels) with/to the past via golden ratio coherency (resulting in the highest fidelity exchange - what was sent successfully arrives at the destination-  this requires very precise fractal physics - everything (information/DNA) must be based on golden ratio patterning - 

Advanced groups from a future time (as far as where humanity is at present), travel to this present (Ophanim/Alliances/Starseed/Wingmakers) by applying golden ratio physics, their societies would have embraced it eons ago - phi mechanics  also addresses the recent discoveries that prove - "two locations can interact in realtime no matter what the distance". Starseed/Wingmakers/Avatars 'clock in' at galactic centre/HQ of the Galactic Administration for their assignment project details - arrive thru the interstellar stargate (Gate of God), they then head for Earth thru our Sun herself. Wingmakers/Starseed enter at a time when the planets - the chakra's of the solar Entity (containing specific frequencies/colours/qualities) are positioned in the appropriate DNA geometry, these qualities (skills toolkit) then download into the energetic etheric/plasma DNA.

STARSEED who seek to understand how they arrived here during this era - then how they can chose a departure date to make the 'jump' off planet in a conscious way be interested: There is ample proof thats its the relationships between our solar planets themselves that create numerous multidimensional overlapping portal nodes along the linear time line based on the golden 'phi' ratio. Alliance groups, Starseed and Star Families use these time portals as arrival co-ordinates to ‘land’ on a given planet at a given time/era. Galactic Heliocentric Astrology can plot these portal time nodes. We can easily see why a Starseed chose to die/transit on a certain date. John Harris explains : "Included here with respect to unity are the Phi ratio series planetary framework mean values for the periods of revolution, the intermediate synodic cycles, the mean heliocentric distances and the mean orbital velocities." here. Therefore we apply the golden ratio DNA helix geometry found in the solar system to the charts - very very simple.

Galactic catchers mitt April 4th 2017
Golden Ratio Pulsars

Starseed - Wingmakers

Higher density beings who incarnate here into 3rd Density are termed “Wanderers” in the Ra Material, “Systems Busters” in Bringers of the Dawn, Blueprinters and Wingmakers.

Starseeds Exopedia: Manuel Lamiroy
In Sacred Journey to Atlantis, Starseeds are described as "Souls from other planets, star systems or universes, who answered a call for assistance and agreed to come to Earth to help with the healing and transformation of this planet. Individuals in embodiment who are presently working with the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Command to help fulfill the divine plan of bringing peace, harmony and love to Earth."
A lot of people here on Earth, have an almost melancholic yearning for the stars. They know that Earth is not really their home, and that they must have come here from another planet or star system. Sometimes they even have "memories" of other star systems and of using alien tools and of interacting with other species. Brad Steiger was the first to seriously investigate this phenomenon, and refers to these people as the starborn. Since then, different authors have also introduced other names like Starseeds and Star Children. Some of these authors make distinctions between various types of Starseeds, and will assign different names to these different types.

Starseeds come from a wide selection of star systems. Quite a lot of Starseeds, probably the majority, come from other worlds in our galactic neighbourhood and are members of the same galactic family of humanoid races as Earth humans are. They come from the constellations of Lyra and the Pleiades, or from Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, or Arcturus. Others come from other worlds with humanoid inhabitants that are farther away, sometimes even in other galaxies. There also are souls on earth who have had many lifetimes as Greys. Then there is a minority of souls that are even more courageous, and that have had mainly lifetimes as reptilians, yet want to experience life in human shape now. Last but not least, there are plenty of souls here on Earth today that originally come from non-physical realms. Most of them had to come through Antares or Arcturus to adapt to physicality. For many of them, this is their first lifetime in a body. They are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved.

Antares Arcturus

Virtually all of these Starseeds have a very strong sense of purpose, even though not all of them have actually remembered yet what their individual purpose is. Those who do remember, will tell you that they answered a call for assistance and agreed to come to Earth to help with the healing and transformation of this planet; or to help fulfill the divine plan of bringing peace, harmony and love to Earth. They have come to aid us in our process of transcending duality and ascending into higher dimensional realities and levels of awareness.
Only a small minority of Starseeds seems to have been able to actively recall their galactic ancestry and knowledge. Most of them are still in the process of remembering, and probably a majority of those are even now only in the early stages. It is not unusual for them to still be looking for their planet of origin.

Grass Roots Galactic Diplomacy : Manuel Lamiroy
Galactic Diplomacy deals mainly with questions like "How do we prepare for (open) contact?" and "once contact is made, what do we do next?" As an ever growing number of individuals is experiencing close encounters of the third kind (contactee) and of the fourth kind (abduction), it is useful to make a first distinction between 'official contact,' i.e. with government organisations and contact with individuals / citizens:
• Track One Diplomacy is the official diplomacy as organized by governments.
• Track Two Diplomacy, also called "Citizen Diplomacy," is the name given to anything that happens at the non-official level and involves private actors, including NGOs, etc.
Track One Galactic Diplomacy focuses on representation models with regard to interaction with extraterrestrial civilisations and organisations. Who can represent who, and in what capacity? What (legal) framework is available to legitimise such representation, etc. ? It also focuses on the types of agreements that can be made between the parties involved: bilateral agreements, multilateral agreements, etc., and who would make these agreements.
Track Two Galactic Diplomacy focuses on initiatives that involve non-official channels. Contactees and abductees can be seen as cases of citizen diplomacy, where extraterrestrials have taken the lead to interact with private citizens. So-called Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, i.e. contact upon request by private citizens, also qualify as Track Two Diplomacy.

Angels, Ghosts, Deities and Their Magnetic Plasma Bodies
Author: Jay Alfred 
The appearance and characteristics of the bodies of angels, ghosts and deities show marked similarities and suggest that they are composed of the same substance - magnetic plasma. Magnetic plasma, besides generating electromagnetic fields, is a good conductor of electricity and radiator of electromagnetic waves.

Unlike our physical bodies which are visible because of reflected light; angels, ghosts and deities emit light as a result of interactions between particles in their bodies and high energy particles in the environment — similar to what happens in auroras and inside fluorescent lamps. This is why angels, ghosts and deities glow brightly in the dark.

There is much evidence that ghosts, angels and deities are composed of magnetic plasma. Once this is accepted more widely, a more rigorous scientific framework can be formulated for the study of these entities. This framework will significantly increase our understanding of angels, ghosts and deities and may even allow us to communicate with lower frequency entities in the near-future.

Magenta Pixie : Introduction to the Diamond Lightbody 


Gate of God /where solar and galactic equators meet - once called the point of Avatar - entry portal/stargate into/out of solar system

Interstellar Stargate

Charles Fleischer (also "Fleischer's Universe" streams) recently found Golden ratio linking Gamma Ray Bursts (new Paper in the process), his initial work.

Gamma Ray: golden ratio

Quantized Space-Time: A New Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Quasicrystalline Language of “Primitive Units of Consciousness” in Quantized Spacetime

Quasicrystal Space-Time

A. M. Selvam, Deputy Director, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology: Space-time fluctuations, self-organized criticality, quasicrystalline structure, quantum-like chaos
Long-range space-time correlations, manifested as the selfsimilar fractal geometry to the spatial pattern, concomitant with inverse power law form for power spectra of space-time fluctuations are generic to spatially extended dynamical systems in nature and are identified as signatures of self-organized criticality. Self-organized criticality implies non-local connections in space and time, i.e., long-term memory of short-term spatial fluctuations in the extended dynamical system that acts as a unified whole communicating network.

Teleportation fidelity as a probe of sub-Planck phase-space structure
A. J. Scott and Carlton M. Caves
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology and Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland 4111, Australia

We investigate the connection between sub-Planck structure in the Wigner function and the output fidelity of continuous-variable teleportation protocols. When the teleporting parties share a two-mode squeezed state as an entangled resource, high fidelity in the output state requires a squeezing large enough that the smallest sub-Planck structures in an input pure state are teleported faithfully. We formulate this relationship, which leads to an explicit relation between the fine-scale structure in the Wigner function and large-scale extent of the Wigner function, and we treat specific examples, including coherent, number, and random states and states produced by chaotic dynamics. We generalize the pure-state results to teleportation of mixed states.

Incorporation of the golden ratio phi into the Schrödinger wave function using the phi recursive heterodyning set
Salvatore Giandinoto*, Ph.D.
*Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute (ALQDRI) 10321 Briar Hollow Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 USA
Abstract. The Golden Ratio Phi (Ф) is an extraordinary and ubiquitous irrational number having a value of 1.618033... Phi’s presence may be seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron. This paper will show and prove that Phi is also intimately related to the quantum realm by virtue of its presence in the quantum mechanical wave function Ψ(x, y, z, t). The basis for the compact incorporation of Ф into the wavefunction will be derived from solving the Schrödinger Wave Equation and the use of the Phi recursive heterodyning set of wavelengths λn. Solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation based on these recursive wavelengths and Ф will be derived in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates. The state function derived from solving the Schrodinger Wave Equation is a compact relationship that includes the “four basic constants” (b4C) 2, e, π and Ф originally proposed by Michael Heleus  whereby he had shown an interesting relationship between the b4C in relation to the building of both the great pyramid of Giza, Egypt and the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Heleus has postulated that these ancient builders erected structures based on two orthogonal axes. The numbers Phi and two for the North-South axis and the numbers e and π for the East-West axis. Heleus also found that the b4C are coordinated by a rule of exponents such that a new constant is created which is the least-mean-square error optimized value of the number which is simultaneously a root of each of the 4 constants whereby the index of the root is very close to an integer of 3 digits or less. This optimized value Heleus designated as HC (Heleus’ constant) equal to 1.0060427, which is simultaneously approximately the 80th root of phi, the 115th root of 2, the 166th root of e, and the 190th root of pi. If all of these root indices are added up and then divided by four, the number 137.75 is obtained. The fine-structure constant α is equal to the reciprocal of 137.03599911. The difference between the fine-structure constant and the reciprocal of 137.75 only amounts to about 0.004% and is therefore well within the bounds of being scientifically significant.

Superluminal Transportation
Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute
Abstract. This paper will demonstrate that the transportation of high energy subatomic particles through wormholes occurs at superluminal speeds through an ‘elastic’ wormhole entity which adjusts its diameter based upon the kinetic energy of the subatomic particle. Additionally, it is shown that the diameters of such wormholes are of sub-Planckian lengths for energetic subatomic particles. This is demonstrated by the use of the Phi- based solution to the Schrödinger wave equation, the theorem of residues and the Cauchy integral formula of complex analysis.

Sixth Density Higher Self

RA LAW of ONE: Wanderers

65.12 Questioner: Then each of the Wanderers here acts as a function of the biases he has developed in any way he sees fit to communicate or simply be in his polarity to aid the total consciousness of the planet. Is there any, shall I say, more physical way that he aids in— what I mean is, do the vibrations somehow add, just as electrical polarity or charging a battery or something? Does that also aid the planet, just the physical presence of the Wanderers?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and the mechanism is precisely as you state. We intended this meaning in the second portion of our previous answer.
You may, at this time, note that as with any entities, each Wanderer has its unique abilities, biases, and specialties so that from each portion of each density represented among the Wanderers comes an array of pre-incarnative talents which then may be expressed upon this plane which you now experience so that each Wanderer, in offering itself before incarnation, has some special service to offer in addition to the doubling effect of planetary love and light and the basic function of serving as beacon or shepherd.
Thus there are those of fifth density whose abilities to express wisdom are great. There are fourth- and sixth-density Wanderers whose ability to serve as, shall we say, passive radiators or broadcasters of love and love/light are immense. There are many others whose talents brought into this density are quite varied.
Wanderers have 3 basic functions once the forgetting is penetrated, the first two being basic, the tertiary one being unique to that particular mind/body/spirit complex.

Tom Montalk on the Densities.
What about the reported shift in consciousness that occurs when you enter a 4th or 5th Density environment, is that the same as becoming a 4th or 5th Density being?
If you were to take the soul of the average animal and give it a human body, it would now have access to the human intellect and be able to learn how to speak and function in society. With an upgrade in biology comes new tools, in this case physical/neurological ones. However, this humanimal would be a rudimentary human with no wisdom under its belt, no higher spiritual priorities, and would likely be preoccupied with personal survival and reproduction because that is all the soul has known so far. Thus it would experience an altered state of consciousness due to a different body and better brain, but at the core it would remain a 2D being.

Likewise, when a purely 3D human is brought into 4D via abduction, psychic, or technological means, he would experience an altered state of consciousness but remain 3D at the core. The change in consciousness comes mostly from an upgrade in his etheric body circuitry, due to etheric currents being shifted and heightened within him, which in turn is due to the 4D environment being denser with such energies. This etheric activation enables certain psychic functions that allow bypassing some of the limitations of the physical brain. He or she would feel lighter, more alive, be able to comprehend much deeper and wider thoughts, and be able to perceive and remember things that otherwise are inaccessible.

But until he lives there for a long time and learns the gamut of lessons unique to 4D existence, he would remain a 3D being at the core. And when he is brought back to 3D and his etheric energy subdues back down to base levels, all of that fades away and he might even forget his experiences there, for they were perceived and recorded in a portion of his being other than the physical brain into which he is now locked.

Similarly, if a 4D being incarnates into a 3D human form, or projects itself down into 3D and becomes fully physical for far too long, the 3D environment and laws of physics would begin impeding this being’s formerly high caliber abilities. Like a plant cut off from light, it may enter a kind of spiritual sleep, a kind of stupor or amnesia. In a sense, a former ‘god’ becomes a mere ‘mortal.’ At their core, they will still be 4D but they will now be subject to the entropy, inertia, and handicaps typical of 3D environments and bodies.
And when a person dies and goes to the 5D afterlife, in being freed from the restrictions of biology, linear time, and space, he would now have an expanded level of perception but still only have 3D experiences and wisdom gathered at the core of his being, with more to acquire in further 3D lifetimes.

Now, the tricky part is that not every human is necessarily a 3D soul. If a 4D soul incarnates as a human (say, as part of a humanitarian mission) then if this person were brought into 4D during an abduction, he would return to his former self during his stay there, instead of merely being augmented with foreign abilities. In fact, these abilities might feel familiar.

Similarly, when a 5D being incarnates as a human and later dies, its entrance into 5D density is not merely a temporary sitting down at the sidelines in between incarnations, but a return home to the nonphysical realm it natively inhabited before coming here.
So there is a difference between having your consciousness altered into something unnatural to your level of evolution, versus having handicaps lifted and returning to your true self in that higher density.