at the heart of the Shapley Supercluster=423
the living, sentient consciousness field
cosmic core toroidal implosion vortex
ground sovereign integral network node
alignment with entity consciousness
the source of universal consciousness
pilot group wave through speed of light
time forwards wave phase conjugate sharing
compassionate unity incorporating all=423

Alphanumerics a=1 - z=26
the Shapley 8 Attractor=243
the Government of Light
the Central Headquarters
Thirteenth Department
primodial essence of being
Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)
high council of the Oraphim
highest spiritual self
the ray of pure brilliance
the world of Atziluth
Atziluthic conception
Kether ; the first sphere
cosmic spiritual will
total consciousness
blueprint originator
unified consciousness
recursion pressure
the universal hologram
induced quantum coherence
first person of deity
archetypal seed templates
ultimate centering force
the entire cosmic brain
the structure of space
compressing scalar wave
longitudinal scalar wave =243