Astronomers note our galaxy and local cluster VirgoA are orbiting the Great Attractor, the heart of Laniakea, next they discovered that Laniakea and other superclusters are orbiting the largest magnetic attractor in our universe the Shapley Supercluster, at the centre of Shapley lies Shapley8 (heart of our universe).
On this image (lower right) we're looking through a series of identifiable 'golden phi ratio' cosmic structures, starting with the local galactic cluster [1]VirgoA, then behind that we see the heart of Laniakea, the [2]Great Attractor, then beyond that we go through the [3]Centaurs cluster to [4]Shapley and eventually Shapley8 at its centre.
At each step of this fractal Cosmo-Genetic-Family-Tree we see the decagon (DNA helix in plan view is a decagon), the cosmic level of braiding helical DNA strands.

Shapley Supercluster