• Galactic Centre Astrology includes  three charts :
    1: Starseed skills & assignments
    2: past lives on earth
    3: present and near future timeline/opportunities
    + a 60min audio talking you thru the three charts step by step -
  • PRICE is $150US (a 'one off' investment) - these are time consuming to draw up and record, about 120min in total - you'll understand why after you receive them -  
  • Updates - includes 30min audio - $60US
  • Couples - includes 60min audio - $150US (offered to those who have their individual charts) -three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite
  • Couples - includes 60min audio - $230US - three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite
  • for those who have their charts we also offer a progressed chart for 2032 - includes 30min audio - $50US
  • An additional extra is our equally insightful alphanumeric NAME analysis, very precise - $20
  • Post chart one on one Skype questions and answers is also offered $1US per minute.

Alphanumeric NAME example
Cross referencing phrases
A=1. - Z=26

each phrase here comes to 242
Grayham John Forscutt = 242

Grayham John Forscutt *
Incarnated Wingmaker *
in the Andromeda galaxy core *
i come from Andromeda galaxy *
meet the team from Andromeda *
school for starchildren *
awakening the other Angels *
HIGHER SELF psychology *
the fractal topologist *
the school of design science *
quantum field physics *
modelling fabric of spacetime *
education for space work *
the space colony designer *
space station designers *
building model spaceships *
starchitecture school *

Intro audio: Download

i’m receiving more and more requests for charts there is now a 4 day waiting list - 


Construction Lessons

Class One is a videoed recording of our 90min  Conference Session  - $50US

Classes from then on are One on One interactive sessions - $65US 60min

Fifteen minute audio: Download


Galactic Ambassador

Class One is a 90min videoed recording of our Conference Session  - $50US
includes Four 10min audios describing Lightbody activation techniques + three 30min audio soundscapes, designed to promote Astral explorations.

Classes from then on are One on One interactive sessions - $65US 60min


I often get asked basic questions so i've prepared a few sentences and an intro audio you might like to download - thanks for your interest -

i became self aware starseed about 33yrs ago - during that year i initiated this style of astrology (specifically for STARSEED) - guided by the GALACTIC ADMINISTRATION

i began interpreting charts and started remote viewing - one of my assignments is helping other starseed unpack their assignment skills.

check out the feedback that is coming in...............


Recent discoveries in superluminal sub-Planck scale physics reveals the future can only interact (travel) with/to the past via coherent golden ratio fractality,  to enter a wormhole and come out successfully requires very precise fractal phi physics - everything must be golden ratio patterning (ideas-DNA etc) -

Those from the future, time traveling to this present (STARSEED/WINGMAKERS/ALLIANCE GROUPS), have done so by applying golden ratio physics, their societies embraced it eons ago -

GALACTIC CENTRE ASTROLOGY IS REVERSE TIME PSYCHOLOGY, where the frequencies/DNA that are fed into the wormhole and pop out the stargate/whitehole,
are decoded, we have applied an overlay of psychology to fractal phi physics.

In this sense these charts are themselves from the future.

We use fractal frequency relationships/correspondences that naturally exist between the solar planets to show just what 'archetypes' are nested in the golden ratio pattern
at the birth moment - then via fractality this will download into our DNA.

This is a totally new style of astrology relating us here on earth to our galaxy centre / where the Galactic Administration have their Headquarters - GALACTIC ASTROLOGY ITSELF IS FROM THE GALACTIC HQ -

HIGHER DIMENSIONAL INFORMATION IS HIGHLY COMPRESSED - can’t be unpacked / understood / manifested immediately - in some cases it may take an entire lifetime to manifest what is gleamed in a moment.