• 1: Galactic Centre Astrology begins with a Birth Chart: This chart identifies Star Family and various involvements in different star systems (varies greatly with each Starseed) - Our primary focus is the Akashic Records brought into this life - your skills & assignments (your future self akashic records) - This chart includes a 45 minute Audio talking you through each skill and possible combinations of skills creating 'Assignments'. Much of this chart needs to be drawn by hand - the total time to draw the chart and record the audio is about 100 minutes - Price is $120US (comparable to ONE 100min Massage)


  • 2: Chart explaining experiences and projects during past lives here on earth - this chart also includes a 13min audio talking you through these 'lives' - Price is $25US


  • 3: Progressed Chart - this chart talks you through your self selected present and near future timeline, here is your unique time schedule, we select  different times in our life to take advantage of 'cosmic' influences - this chart includes a 13min audio talking you through these opportunities - Price is $25US


  • 4: Full Chart includes all three - Starseed skills & assignments (future self akashic records) 2: past lives on earth 3: present and near future timeline/opportunities + a 60min audio talking you thru the three charts step by step - PRICE is $150US  - these are time consuming to draw up and record, about 120min in total - you'll understand why after you receive them -  


  • Updates - includes 30min audio - $60US
  • Couples - includes 60min audio - $150US (offered to those who have their individual charts) -three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite
  • Couples - includes 60min audio - $300US - three charts - synastry - composite - progressed composite
  • for those who have their charts we also offer a progressed chart for 2032 - includes 30min audio - $50US
  • An additional extra is our equally insightful alphanumeric NAME analysis (see below), very precise - $20
  • Post chart one on one Skype questions and answers is also offered $1US per minute.



Alphanumeric NAME example

Cross referencing phrases A=1. - Z=26

each phrase here comes to 242

Grayham John Forscutt = 242


Incarnated Wingmaker = 242

in the Andromeda galaxy core = 242

i come from Andromeda galaxy = 242

meet the team from Andromeda = 242

school for starchildren = 242

awakening the other Angels = 242

HIGHER SELF psychology = 242


Intro audio: Download i’m receiving more and more requests for charts there is now a 4 day waiting list -  Enquire

Construction Lessons

Class's are offered to those who have their chart.

these are One on One interactive sessions - $65US 60min

Fifteen minute audio: Download


I often get asked basic questions so i've prepared a few sentences and an intro audio you might like to download - thanks for your interest -

i became self aware starseed about 33yrs ago - during that year i initiated this style of astrology (specifically for STARSEED) - guided by the GALACTIC ADMINISTRATION

i began interpreting charts and started remote viewing - one of my assignments is helping other starseed unpack their assignment skills.

check out the feedback that is coming in...............


Recent discoveries in superluminal sub-Planck scale physics reveals the future can only interact (travel) with/to the past via coherent golden ratio fractality,  to enter a wormhole and come out successfully requires very precise fractal phi physics - everything must be golden ratio patterning (ideas-DNA etc) -

Those from the future, time traveling to this present (STARSEED/WINGMAKERS/ALLIANCE GROUPS), have done so by applying golden ratio physics, their societies embraced it eons ago -

GALACTIC CENTRE ASTROLOGY IS REVERSE TIME PSYCHOLOGY, where the frequencies/DNA that are fed into the wormhole and pop out the stargate/whitehole,
are decoded, we have applied an overlay of psychology to fractal phi physics.

In this sense these charts are themselves from the future.

We use fractal frequency relationships/correspondences that naturally exist between the solar planets to show just what 'archetypes' are nested in the golden ratio pattern
at the birth moment - then via fractality this will download into our DNA.

This is a totally new style of astrology relating us here on earth to our galaxy centre / where the Galactic Administration have their Headquarters - GALACTIC ASTROLOGY ITSELF IS FROM THE GALACTIC HQ -

HIGHER DIMENSIONAL INFORMATION IS HIGHLY COMPRESSED - can’t be unpacked / understood / manifested immediately - in some cases it may take an entire lifetime to manifest what is gleamed in a moment.