Grass Roots Landing Ambassadors

Landing Ambassadors for the Galactic Community

Starseed by actualizing their assignment projects become Grass Roots Landing Ambassadors preparing the way for the arrival of the Galactic Community:
This class examines the key principles of 'Galactic Etiquette', aimed at local level ‘invitation protocols’ with arriving Star Races.
The class analyses the nature of diplomatic representation on Earth that might be recognized by various extraterrestrial races.
Particular focus will be on the representative status of grass roots “Landing Ambassadors”, local community initiatives and the role of Earth or 'Gaia' as a living organism.
The classes examine 'citizen diplomacy’, ‘galactic etiquette’ and ‘group invitation protocols’.
Section One: "The motivations, activities and history of the Galactic Community visiting Earth."
Outlining the different Star Families  - a valuable prerequisite to successfully communicate, interact and understand their requirements as we make plans for STAR FAMILY arriving at unique locations amongst local communities.
Section Two: "Applying the universal language to design strategies, which Star Nations themselves utilise."
The application of Prime Source Codes which themselves are the 'Invitation'.
Galactic Invitation Protocols:
1: Understanding the Universal language of advanced races.
2: Lyssa Royal and her contact team use the language of higher dimensions for contact.
3: Nature herself offers the optimum Social Memory Complex Structure.
4: Galactic Astrology plots ‘time nodes’ when major portals open.
We envisage a group discussion using a platform like Learnitlive or Zoom.
Those interested please send your enquiry and we can work towards a time and cost which suits us all.