Galactic *CENTRE* orientated charts are drawn from the Sun's perspective , but interpreted from the perspective of the Milky Way Centre -
While the Geocentric chart looks out from the earth thru a telescope.

In the helio chart we're looking out from the Sun with our telescope, plotting the planets in their real positions, we can then look further out at the stars that are in the background and note their true positions.
More importantly we are looking specifically at how our Solar System and the planets react to incoming frequencies from the centre of the galaxy at a given moment.

It’s important to realize the realm of the OverSoul is beyond the ET family storyline from Lyra+Vega - Galactic Astrology is accessing the memories stored in our Oversoul, which/who has ‘guided’ the progress of her/his Star Family unfoldment throughout a local sector of the Milky Way -

In this respect we’re looking beyond a simple ‘Akashic Reading’ of past lives in various planetary systems to the *INTENT* of the Oversoul and purpose underlying the numerous Soul Extensions spread throughout time/space and dimensions - all of the above resolves back into the Galactic Centre where the originating OverSoul sprang from .


What the course offers

Galactic Astrology Charts are drawn from an interstellar perspective, ie; a snapshot of the solar system helix coming towards us, at the birthing moment. Then we drop to 2D paper and see which planets are related to each other in the decagon (36 degrees, 72, 108, 144) angles (really angels), we start off with one node at the Galactic Centre node which is between 23 to 0 degrees of Capricorn.

Astro-Genetics based on golden ratio is really 'phase conjugating psychology' - this means an interstellar travellers arriving into our solar system select a Stargate Portal 'moment', when certain planets are at the Solar Stargate key/node positions. Instantaneous transmigration from elsewhere into our solar system is a very precise science - Quantum Mechanics and superluminal phase conjugation guarantees highest fidelity success through the wormhole, those arriving then pop out the Sun/whitehole.
We have applied an overlay of multidimensional psychology to fractal phi physics.
In this sense these charts are themselves from the future.

Intention of the training

Class's are offered to those who ALREADY have their chart.

These are One on One interactive sessions - $120US 60min


We haven't just pulled this galactic astrology out of the hat, or copied any other style of astrology - to make sure it would still be relevant in the post galactic community era was always our focus - we needed to develop a real science and include the latest in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, superluminal phase-space, advanced genetics, astrogenetics, sacred geometry, multi-dimensional psychology, heart frequency coherence and more - this then brought astrology up into the present and on into the future -

A few unique discoveries we have made includes:
1: plotting a series of multidimensional Stargates (see) -

2: Mapping the Cosmo-Genetic (Family-Tree) -

3: Advanced Lightbody Construction - Starship - Diamond Lightbody design -

4: Modelling the Aether/Plasma, or quantizing the subPlanck scale domain (revealing how two locations interact in realtime over any distance) -
Starchitecture with Dan Winter -

The intention of the training is to provide a life transforming educational process that creates practitioners of excellence. 

Galactic Astrology is the AMENTI HALL of Records mentioned here by Charles Jarvis.
Charles begins
The Halls of Amenti is a school, star gate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane. In The Halls of Amenti you will find a great assortment of Ascended Masters and Energy Beings teaching and tutoring rising Ascending Masters who have qualified for training in The Halls of Amenti. Amenti is also the supreme energy vortex of this planet and greatly sustains, upholds, and repairs the planet in every way. Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the nine dimensions. An unascended human could not enter The Halls of Amenti without being destroyed by the much higher vibrational frequency of Amenti. Thus, only the highest Ascending Humans can enter The Halls of Amenti and this serves as a perfect self-regulating device (which is no accident) and perfect self-regulating devices such as this exist throughout all worlds, times, planes, and dimensions of God’s Omniverse.

STARSEED who seek to understand how they arrived here during this era - then how they can chose a departure date to make the 'jump' off planet in a conscious way be interested:
There is ample proof thats its the relationships between our solar planets themselves that create numerous multidimensional overlapping portal nodes along the linear time line based on the golden 'phi' ratio.
Alliance groups, Starseed and Star Families use these time portals as arrival co-ordinates to ‘land’ on a given planet at a given time/era.

Galactic Heliocentric Astrology can plot these portal time nodes.
We can easily see why a Starseed chose to die/transit on a certain date.
John Harris explains : "Included here with respect to unity are the Phi ratio series planetary framework mean values for the periods of revolution, the intermediate synodic cycles, the mean heliocentric distances and the mean orbital velocities." here.
Therefore we apply the golden ratio DNA helix geometry found in the solar system to the charts - very very simple.

Starseeds come from a wide selection of star systems.
Quite a lot of Starseeds, probably the majority, come from other worlds in our galactic neighbourhood and are members of the same galactic family of humanoid races as Earth humans are. They come from the constellations of Lyra and the Pleiades, or from Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, or Arcturus. Others come from other worlds with humanoid inhabitants that are farther away, sometimes even in other galaxies.
There also are souls on earth who have had many lifetimes as Greys. Then there is a minority of souls that are even more courageous, and that have had mainly lifetimes as reptilians, yet want to experience life in human shape now.
Last but not least, there are plenty of souls here on Earth today that originally come from non-physical realms. Most of them had to come through Antares or Arcturus to adapt to physicality. For many of them, this is their first lifetime in a body. They are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved.

STARLINES:  A program similar to our own experience.

Knowledge of our vast universe has become common knowledge through the media and many have felt a calling to become “Galactic Ambassadors”
or have awakened within themselves memories of extra-terrestrial experiences.
Some have even had contact with extra-terrestrial beings or intelligences.
STARLINES provides a “grounded” common-knowledge base for these experiences.
Yet, The Monroe Institute could not have done this program ten years ago (2006).
The materials did not exist nor did the knowledge or our expanded understanding of the universe.
STARLINES helps participants to reclaim, remember (re-member, assemble once again) and integrate parts of Self with I-There,
 I-There Clusters, and knowledge of Total Self. STARLINES delves into the inner realms of Focus-34/35 and beyond establishing and
strengthening the link between Earth and the Galactic Core, the central point of our Milky Way galaxy, a consciousness portal or 
Stargate and a means to enter the creative stream of the Great Emitter.