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Heliocentric charts are drawn from the Sun's perspective - We have shifted from the Earth's perspective, where the Geocentric chart looks out from the earth thru a telescope. In the helio chart we're looking out from the Sun with our telescope, plotting the planets in their real positions, we can then look at the stars that are in the background and note the real alignments/relationships to stars.
More importantly we are looking specifically at how the Solar System and the planets in the Solar System are relating to the centre of the galaxy at a given moment.

Recent research shows the Sun and the planets are built according to the Golden Ratio. The speeds, the orbiting relationships between the planets, the synodic periods, the distances out from the Sun, these are all  based on Golden ratio very very close to exact. This is the same phi geometry found in our DNA helix and molecule.

If we look at a cross- section of our DNA helix we see that it is a decagon.
We use this decagon pattern of the helix to plot where planets are in relation to the galactic centre - imagine we zoom ahead of our Sun, turn look back at the whole solar system moving towards us, the orbiting planets are carving out strands of the solar helix.

From this viewing location we take a snapshot of the solar helix coming towards us, thats the birthing moment. Then we drop to 2D paper and see which planets are related to each other in the decagon (36 degrees, 72, 108, 144) angles (really angels), we start off with one node at the Galactic Centre node which is between 23 to 0 degrees of Capricorn.

Its simply phase conjugating psychology, where the frequencies fed into the wormhole that pop out the stargate/whitehole, can be decoded, we have applied an overlay of psychology to fractal phi physics. In this sense these charts are themselves from the future.

We use fractal frequency relationships/correspondences that naturally exist between the solar planets to show just what 'archetypes' are nested in the golden ratio pattern at the birth moment - via fractality this will download into our DNA.

This is a totally new style of astrology relating us here on earth to our galaxy centre / where the Galactic Administration have their Headquarters - Galactic Astrology itself is from the future.

Until about 1980 the only channelling came from earth 3Density inner planes (the mid-astral realms, Robert Monroe's Focus Levels 25 to 27). Star Families were arriving and stationed themselves around the earth and some of the other planets - that opened up communication from Focus level 27 to 35 (Monroe) - earth grid had just been rebooted and the galaxy came online - RA group clarify earth's 3rd Density has inner planes, that is where the Star Family's make contact - they speak to/thru a number of their own incarnate genetic family - from Focus 35 to starseed at Focus 27 . They provide information about the transition from 3D to initial sub plane of 4D which is GREEN/red - HEART/action , we see it everywhere, demonstrations, activists, Edward Snowden, Space Wardens, Luke Skywalker etc etc .

Higher density information is different - inherently it is hugely compressed/packed - if you understand it on first read or first listen its the same dimension as you are at. Higher Dimensional information is inherently a unity of spirituality and science , must be as those that speak from higher D are well and truly integrated in this regard - unpacking this info and applying may take many years.

Alliance groups/Angels/Wingmakers and Starseed enter our solar system through identifiable *stargates* - arriving at the correct point in time and space is an art/science only now being explored by secret space programs -  altho most  Alliance/Wingmakers/Starseed and Angels don't require technology.
Starseed/Wingmakers come from social structures that understand and apply superluminal physics - transmigration requires precision.

Wingmakers/Starseed choose those times when the planets form into a solar system sized Stargate. This solar stargate is the same shape as our 12/48strand liquid crystal DNA - planets are the chakra's of an incredibly advanced Entity - planets are a specific size, meaning they generate specific frequencies/colours/qualities - when certain planets arrange themselves to form a DNA crystal helix (not hexagonal like quartz but decagonal) Starseed take birth, the qualities of each planet fractally download into the energetic etheric/akashic/plasma DNA - this reveals the inherent skills within the Starseed/Wingmakers assignment tool kit.

Therefore in the charts we apply the golden ratio DNA helix geometry found in the solar system to our DNA.

every phrase here totals to the same 222
the centre of the galaxy
central galactic points
celestial civil service
overseeing the galaxy
galactic administration
real galactic federation
at the co-ordination hub
group psychology

alphanumeric (a=1 - z=26) cross referencing

Volunteering incarnating Starseed arrive with a predetermined assignment - a set of skills and gifts to share - these are easily extracted from the galactic chart.

every phrase comes to total of 188
Galactic Astrology
Galactic Core Stargate
higher evolution
future memories
through stargate
interspace travel

every phrase comes to total of 253
galactic centre astrology
initiated in the solar core
star-seed activation chamber
tuned to the galactic centre
represent galactic council
the unified galactic society
awaken starseed wanderers
grounding cosmic energies
applying golden phi ratio
enlightened co-creatorship


The  planetary framework mean values for:

1: the periods of revolution

2: the intermediate synodic cycles

3: the mean heliocentric distances and

4: the mean orbital velocities

 are based upon the Phi Ratio-Series


Esoteric literature refers to our Sun as a Stargate, and fractal physics is clear, the zoom through a stargate requires a cool environment.
Remote viewers and OBE explorers have no problem entering the sun. Starseed and interstellar crews use our sun's frequency as their destination calling card.
All Starseed are members of some Guardian Alliance and 'report in' at galaxy centre for arrival instructions and service contract protocols (limit of advanced siddhi's).
Applying golden ratio to interstellar locations, Pulsars, Gamma rays plots the stargate node circuitry.

Golden Ratio Solar System DNA Helix

Star System : a strand of Galactic DNA Helix

Wormhole Trajectory

Planets create wormhole projection trajectory

Galactic Internet Nodes

Pulsars plot runway lights to Galactic Centre