This chart takes me about one hour to complete  -  40 minutes to draw up the chart and 20 minutes to compile the written notes, provided with charts are a couple of INTRO Audio's, one on Galactic Astrology, another on EARTH HISTORY.

This is a simplified approach especially suited to those who have problems listening to audio and those who are willing to sift through and compile their own sub-lists, research and expand simple keywords by exploring mythology, ET information etc.

Once these charts are received its up to you to expand upon what is written, more complete chart options are available, see.

My original text has been answered (italics) to give some idea of how accurate we were with our client.

1:  Planets and asteroids  connected  to Galactic Centre close to 12 oclock  by the decagon angles means -

the skills already embedded (mastered) from either yourself or others in your soul family, as Oversoul is ‘stationed’ at galactic centre.

I came into this life knowing I was different and didn’t really belong here. However, had a job, task or mission from a young age.

Then past life experiences and skills developed in the Sirian Star System/Soul Group - which means starfamily from Vega.

Came in knowing about star families, light bodies, soul travel and physicality as temporary vehicles (the meat suit as I call it).

Galactic Centre Decagon:

Telephus - here to advance telepathy – Teaching it!

Borasisi - was a community councillor – Since high school and probably before but didn’t recognize it as such

Lumeries - videographer, movie maker, photographer – A bit of writing and acting

Kassandra - reseacher journalist, doco maker, blogger. – Always researching!

Hathor - mother, clothing designer, interior decorator, music. – Music is my life, the others were played with. I’m a mother to others but none of my own.

Erato - poet. – I’ve been writing poetry and some fiction.

Atlantis - the above 3 likely projects in Atlantis. – thought so!

Cyllaris - sculptor, crafts, hands on healer like massage. – You should see the milk carton boats I made in the 80’s, LOL!  12 ft tall dragon boat, stage coach boat, played with sculpting in hopes of making prosthetics for TV and movies

Quaoar - skills in music, dance,  choreographer, creation myths. – Ballet as a kid – Play piano and guitar by ear, love music

Lewic - Merkaba, Lightbody designer, astral traveler, remote viewer. – Drunvalo Melchizedek??? I am a remote viewer and teach it to friends

Akihi - Astrophotographer, clairvoyant,  astral traveler. – Clairvoyant – Claircognizence

Fibonacci -  99% nature built on sacred geometry called Fibonacci.

Demeter - Permaculturist, Steiner school teacher, nurse, vet, co-ops. – Wanted so badly to be a physician. Settled on Emergency Medicine, Teaching First Aid/CPR and being involved in Search and Rescue through the Sheriff’s office for 15 years

Makemake - sustainable developer, cross cultural synthesis (with Hathor would be via ethno-music or  interior designer) –

Venus -arts,

Juno - clothing, fashion, jeweller, couples therapist, child psychology. – I was making beaded and wire wrapped jewelry for sale in the early 2000s

Stonehenge - archeology, researching ancient wisdom, crystal layouts, earthgrid work. – Heck ya! Anchoring the light! Reiki with crystals and knowing each

Ehrenfriend - molecular biologist, chemist, astrosciences. – Astrosciences as an interest or perhaps past life job?

Asimov - astronomer, sci-fi author – You had me at Asimov. I love all the science fiction starting with Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Bradbury, Roddenberry

Starboy - astral travel, works in conscious lucid dream state. – Excuse me! Starchild! And yes

Nessus - guide, helper, support crew. – Consciousness Fascilitator and guide

Pallas Athena - like Kassandra, polarity therapist.

Poesia - poet. - True

Planck - ether, plasma sciences, could be seeing the colours of ether as Goethe did. – In places where I wouldn’t expect to see such as clouds


Earth aspects to decagon (earth past lives):

Aphrodite - expressive, beauty, Greece battles. – Yes, and they make me weep. Wrote a poem called Lady of the Lake which was about an oracle loved by 2 kings

Paradise - building the new but starting in a previous lifetime. – Conscious Creation of the new world

Reiki - energy healer. – 3rd degree Reiki Master and Ordained with SHES

Euterpre - musician. – Yes – Mostly self taught

Roach - sound alchemy. - Cymatics

Aura – Taught to read them as a teen among the other many metaphysics and parapsychology classes (ongoing)

Chiron - healer, shaman/woman. – Since childhood

thalia - comedy, theatre. - Yes

Sirona - midwife, at site with sacred waters, springs, spas.

Urda - accessing past life memories. – Sometimes when I wasn’t trying

Mors - birth/death facilitator (see Elizabeth Cubler Ross) . – Preparation and Transitions for family members

Euler - mathematician. – Not directly but through music, pattern recognition. I’m more into language, word meanings and etymology

Hyperborea - traveled around from Atlantis planting  the ancient libraries in other parts of the world (sacred sites) - Probably

Jaques - dolphins, working with mammals , oceans, conservation. – Love them but mostly with equine

Shakespeare - author. – Not great but ya!

Neptune - connected to Ancient Elders, contactee, fairy story author. – Sometimes. Worked with the Elders of the Lakota who would visit in

Lancelot - honourable , perhaps in Camelot, councillor. - Ongoing

Mnemo -  memories, Libraries, hieroglyphics. -  Yes

DNA - genetic scientist, - Fascinated with it

Astrocouria - astral traveler, remote healer, star ship crew member. – 3rd degree Reiki is great for remote healing – Fly by night in the ships

Pythia - seer. – That’s what my professional psychic friend says, but I knew she was going to say that, LOL!

Mercury - writer, librarian. – Yes and no! But I keep a large one at home!


Thank you Grayam!   My computer just can’t handle the full amount of info.

Much love to you!


Chart Option One example