Galactic Astrology teaches us to 'view' thru 6th Density 'eyes'.

Class One is now available as a video recording of our Conference session:  aiming to give you the tools to draw these galactic charts (enquire now)

Extended Classes are One on One interactive Sessions (enquire now)
Includes more details on

1: Helio Chart construction and DNA solar system

2: Galactic Centre/Administration - new planets - decagon aspects

3: Interpretation of Galactic to solar aspects - Starseed Assignment Contract Projects

4: Progressions - transits and tracking future moments in realtime

  • Classes develop skills of :
    Chart construction and a basic understanding of the Helio Chart and the DNA genetic relationship between the 12+ Strands of the solar DNA planets and our own DNA.
    The understanding of the Density relationship between Galactic Administration.
    The unique *Assignment Project Toolkit* each Starseed volunteered to carry out.
    The interstellar framework of star neighbours and the initial stages of interpretation and realtime interaction with Star Families.

Galactic Astrology:
  Galactic Astrology itself is from the future -
  Higher dimensional (which we identify as close to Galactic Centre) information is highly compressed - can’t be unpacked / understood or manifested immediately - in some cases it may take an entire lifetime to manifest what is gleamed in a moment.
RA Law of One
Recent discoveries in fractal physics reveals the future can best interact (travel) to the past via coherent golden ratio fractality (resulting in the highest fidelity exchange) - to go into a wormhole and come out successfully requires very precise fractal physics - everything must be based on golden ratio patterning -
  Somebodies from the future time traveling to this present (starseed), definitely have applied golden ratio physics, their societies would have embraced it eons ago - this also addresses the mechanics involved, in the recent discoveries that - "two locations can interact in realtime no matter what the distance".
  Phase conjugating psychology, is where the frequencies fed into the wormhole that pop out the stargate/whitehole, can be decoded.
  Starseed/Wingmakers/Avatar 'clock in' at galactic centre for their assignment project details - arriving thru the interstellar stargate they can then head for Earth thru the Sun herself - it is the portal gate  - and incarnate.
 Precision is a fundamental quality of more integrated consciousness, easily spotted in these charts and identified as "Assignment Contracts".
Realtime Galactic Astrology

Marsha Jones

Dan Kapsol

Diane Ander

Galactic Administration

Living inside the body of a Galactic Being

Twelve Strand Solar DNA

Star Family and the DNA Helix

Golden Ratio Solar System

John Harris  goes to great lengths to prove the dynamics of solar mechanics are built on phi ratio's  - "the relationship between the Phi-Series and the Lucas Series begins to become apparent. Included here with respect to unity are the Phi-Series planetary framework mean values for the periods of revolution, the intermediate synodic cycles, the mean heliocentric distances and the mean orbital velocities".

Phi Ratio template for solar system

Point of Avatar: Wingmakers

The angle between solar system equator (Ecliptic) and galactic equator is precisely the angle required as scaffolding for the implosion vortex of the golden ratio spiral - the curving trajectory one must surf to enter a Stargate.

Solar to Interstellar stargate portal dynamics

Astrology beyond the Milky Way

Quantum Physics has proven "two locations can interact in realtime, no matter what the distance".

Significantly the north pole of our galaxy points to the centre of our cluster - the Virgo A cluster - situated there is the massive elliptical galaxy M87

Tropical Longitude: 02 Libra 03 33
Latitude: 14 N 25
Sidereal Longitude : 07 Virgo 02 13

 The Super Galactic Center M-87  has the mass of 30 trillion Suns. A photograph taken in 1918 of M-87, revealed a luminous spike emitted from the core of the galaxy. Called jets containing X-Ray "toroids." The initial measured X-Ray luminosity for the Virgo cluster was 1043 ergs/sec compared to the solar reference standard of 1026 ergs/sec for the Sun.  The Super Galactic Center (a heart of enormous attracting potential) clearly shows golden ratio astrophysics in the unpacking of child galaxies.

Golden ratio physics - is clear - to gravitationally organize a number of galaxies, requires unimaginable coherence. Contained in this congregation structure lie 3 trillion stars and over ten thousand globular clusters.

Extra-Galactic Portal Mechanics

Milky Way North Pole points to M87